Quanfuyang is the smallest!Mom gave birth to a baby boy 6 months!10 photos, Zhang Zhang made people cry …

We often sigh

Life is fragile as paper

But he is tough


You must not imagine

At this birth

There is no little doll with your palm yet


It has grown into this cute look

On August 16, 2020, the "small eight hundred" was born in the delivery room of the Fuyang People’s Hospital.Before he had time to cry, he was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit.

The fetal age is only 25 weeks and 4 days (more than 6 months), and weighs only 885 grams. At this time, the "eight hundred" faces are wrinkled, and the whole body is green and purple.Adapt to the world outside the mother.

This rare premature early birth is also the youngest baby in the city so far.

At the moment when I saw Xiaodong 800, the medical staff couldn’t help but issue such a doubt: "Can he still live?"

01 Difficulties test this little life step by step

Because it was born too early, the small eight hundred lungs did not develop well. They could only breathe in a multi -function heating box.

Not only that, because the 800th fetus is too small and the coagulation function is not good, it is also necessary to infuse fresh plasma and carefully calculate the intestinal nutrient solution of the intestinal ratio of energy and nutrients to create an environment like uterus.

But even so, there was a symptom of infection: 800 the next day:

The white blood cells increased significantly and jaundice appeared. The newborn ABO hemolytic disease was detected. On the evening of the day, the symptoms of bruising and decreased heart rate also occurred.

The eight hundred is too small, and the anemia is serious. You need to lose the red blood cells, but it is always unsuccessful to match the 800 blood. After many efforts, the O -type washing red blood cells were finally equipped.

On the fourth day of 800, due to the decline in physiological weight, the weight dropped to 830 grams, and the head was almost the same as the adult’s slap.

Fortunately, the eight hundred at this time can be milk through the nose of the gastric tube.

But the good times did not last long. You haven’t relaxed the heart for a few days. On the morning of August 24, bleeding in the eight hundred trachea intubation, heartbeat and oxygen saturation dropped rapidly …

How shocking the desire for life?After 10 minutes of intense rescue, eight hundred struggled back from the death line!

02 You are still so small, how can we bear to give up?

Next, the illness of 800 improved.

Doctors regularly monitor the cranio -ultrasound and lung ultrasound by the bed, and try to allow 800 less to receive X -ray examination.Every time I use a multi -function heating box to weigh, everyone is a little heavy when I see it. Everyone is very happy.

Because 800 lung development is immature, the amount of liquid needs to be limited. Medical care calculates the amount of liquid and hot card per day to protect the eight hundred small lungs.

In order to avoid long -term bed, the pendant pneumonia is caused, nurses and aunts often let 800 sleep on their stomachs, which can also promote lung development and better digest and absorb breast milk.

In order to make 800 adapt to milk, the nurse tirelessly exercised the ability to suck eight hundred, and sometimes it took ten minutes to feed once.

Eighty -one day grows up, try to learn to eat milk, work hard to grow flesh, no cerebral hemorrhage, no heart disease, and the blood vessels in the eyes are gradually developing and perfect.

In this way, eight hundred grew up slowly with everyone’s careful care and companionship.

Good news continues!

On September 2nd, the weight of 800 returned to 860 grams.

On September 12, 800 full month (28 days).On this day, the eight hundred was removed from the ventilator and pulled out the tracheal intubation. The various indicators of the body were developing in a good direction.

On October 8th, the 800 -day 800 -day stop for a short time for a while.

On October 14th, 800 days of 59 days finally stopped oxygen!

On October 22, Eight hundred stared at his eyes and smiled at everyone ~

After 74 days of careful treatment, it was discharged from the hospital on October 29th!

Although it is only 36 weeks and 1 day to correct the age, the little guy’s weight reaches 2.24kg, which is almost three times the weight at birth.

In more than two months in hospitalization for 800 hospitalization


Oxygen 59 days

There are thick 208 pages of the nursing records

Survey is a miracle!

74 days, more than 1700 hours

This is a race with life

885 grams is light

But life never needs to be distinguished by severity

Come on for the strong 800

May this little life surrounded

Can always grow up healthy!

Source: Public Network

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