Qiuyi is strong, can pregnant mothers eat crabs?

The autumn meaning was strong, and it was when the crab is yellow.Some foodies once said, "Autumn takes crabs as the most solemn."And when it comes to whether pregnant mothers can eat crabs, they have been hot for many years.

Various ways to talk about crabs about pregnancy are widely circulated, but the old ladies who love crabs can never let go of this season’s deliciousness.Today, let’s talk together. Whether to eat crabs during pregnancy is "enjoying" or "sin."


Crab is nutritious and high -quality ingredients

Crab is rich in nutritional value.The crab meat is delicate, which is a high-protein and low-fat food: Among them, the protein content can be as high as 22-24%, and the fat is only 3-4%. It is a good ingredient for pregnant mothers to supplement high-quality protein;Although dirty and sexy glands contain more fat, most of them are relatively healthy unsaturated fatty acids, which are also beneficial to supplementing EPA and DHA.In addition, crabs also contain iron, zinc, magnesium and various vitamins.

In 2017, a pregnancy and lactating safety dietary suggestion formulated by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was listed as one of the best choice ingredients outside of fish.


Will it be difficult to give birth when you eat crabs?

Traditional folk taboos believe that "what to eat like".If crabs are rampant, it is believed that pregnant mothers will be abnormal after eating crabs and cause difficulty in giving birth. This statement does not have a clinical basis in modern medicine.

The "horizontal dystocia" mentioned here refers to the "horizontal production" in the production of fetal production.The relative position relationship between the fetal production type refers to the "vertical axis of the carcass" and the "maternal vertical axis" is divided into three types: vertical, horizontal production, and oblique production.

So far, there is no scientific research that the fetal production type is closely related to a specific pregnancy diet, and pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much.With the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks and the continuous growth and development of the fetus in the palace, the fetal production type is constantly changing, and most of the third trimester can be converted to head delivery;Safety production can be achieved after the method.


Will eating crabs cause miscarriage?

Crab itself should not be a carbon.Natural abortion itself is a complex process that is affected by various factors.The main reason is that the chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo are also caused by the cross overlap of various complex factors such as the structure of the reproductive organs abnormalities, endocrine abnormalities, strong stress, bad lifestyle habits, and abnormal immune function.Imagine that if you really eat crabs, you will have a miscarriage, and the family planning work of the motherland is not much easier …

Of course, rumors about eating crab on the rivers and lakes are not groundless.

As early as 2008, a domestic hospital reported that 13 early pregnant women caused a threatened abortion due to eating sea crabs.Pregnant mothers who do not often eat crabs do not have to try strangeness. Pregnant mothers who are accustomed to eating crabs do not have to be overly restrained. Pregnant mothers with a history of allergies should avoid eating.

In addition, if you eat raw crabs and drunk crabs if cooking is incomplete, it is easy to cause bow -shaped worms and Lisite bacteria; and some crabs are internal organs such as crab cheeks, crab intestines contain bacteria, and dirty.Crabs are difficult to store. A large amount of bacteria breed in dead crabs will corrode amino acids in crab meat, producing harmful bioide to the human body, causing symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.These are also risk factor that leads to abortion.

Therefore, choosing fresh ingredients, thorough cleaning, and rational cooking; only eating crab meat, crab yellow, and removing the internal organs such as crab heart, crab gal, and crab intestines are very important for ensuring safety during pregnancy.


How much crabs are suitable for pregnant mothers?

According to the "Chinese Women’s Dietary Pagoda during pregnancy", 50-75g of aquatic products should be consumed in the early pregnancy and 75-100g in the third trimester.Generally speaking, the edible part of the 4 two hairy crabs is about 50g, and there is no problem eating 1-2 a day.The British NHS (British National Medical Service System) recommends that the amount of consumption of less than 200g per week is about 4-5.However, in view of the high fat content in crab yellow, pregnant mothers who need to control weight during pregnancy should be cautious.


Summary of the small TIPS for the safe crab for pregnant mothers

Buy now and not frozen

Cook it thoroughly to eat

Dead crabs, drunk crabs cannot be eaten

Crab allergies cannot be eaten

Some internal organs cannot be eaten

Properly solve the greedy

The pregnant mother of the following diseases should not be eaten as much as possible:

(1) Hyperuricemia, gout: Crab is high -purine food, which may induce the rise in uric acid levels.

(2) Hypertrophone and hypertension during pregnancy: Crab yellow contains higher cholesterol, which is not conducive to the control of blood pressure during pregnancy.

(3) Gastrointestinal dysfunction: For pregnant mothers who are not tolerated by crabs, they may induce indigestion and abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who can eat crabs happily and steadily during pregnancy!


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