Qingdao’s group of junior high school students are "fake pregnant belly" and immersed in experience than grateful parents

"After a day of my mother, I know that my parents are so hard."

Junior high school students are upright with "fake pregnant belly" immersed experience for gratitude parents

With a round belly, jumping into the campus. This is the scene of Qingdao Chaoyin Middle School (Zhenjiang Road Campus) on the morning of the 10th.Event.Place volleyball, basketball or similar dolls in the clothes in front of the stomach, imitate the pregnant mother, and feel the difficulty of mother.October 10th is the world’s spiritual average day. Chaoying Middle School (Zhenjiang Road Campus) brings a vivid gratitude education activity to children. Through immersive pregnant mothers, carry out the psychological theme class meeting of "reconcile love, educate the mind".Let children really experience the weight of "gratitude", understand parents, care for parents, and grateful parents from the heart.

Do the consciousness to protect the "belly"

With a "pregnant belly" all day, the students have deepened their mother’s hard work.

With the "pregnant belly", walking up and swinging. When the seventh grade students walked into the campus, they couldn’t help but be teased by each other’s belly. Pillows, volleyball, football, everyone used all kindsRound objects are stuffed in clothes to imitate pregnant mothers, and they have to keep classes, eating, and exercise."It feels pretty fun" "a bit funny" … Everyone’s response was easy at first.However, over time, the inconvenience caused by "pregnant belly" has gradually appeared. After a long time, the back pain is sore. After eating the belly, the belly is uncomfortable.At this time, the expression of the students became more solemn from fun.

Time axis memories are warm

Subsequently, in the afternoon of the psychological theme class meeting of "Reading and Education", the teachers of each class asked everyone to talk about feelings first.Students actively answered their hands actively."At first I felt okay, and I became more and more tired. I thought it was really hard to think of this state when my mother was pregnant with me." A classmate in the seventh grade class said."What impressed me most was that when I was eating, my stomach kept on the table, and I couldn’t completely bent down to eat. After I was full, my stomach felt a bit uncomfortable." Said the classmates in the seventh grade and sixth class.The real experience makes the students feel more vivid, and it is painted.

"Do students have a deeper feeling for their mother’s hard work? Next, please recall and taste the past, arrange the touching stories with parents according to time, and the unforgettable stories are marked above the axis.Bid below the axis. "With the teacher’s instructions, the students took out the paper and pen to draw the timeline and write down the past.

Everyone uses time axis to recall and parents’ past.

"I lived in my uncle’s house before the age of three, and my mother came to pick me up when I was three years old. I still remember how she looked at her. In these years, she accompanied me to grow up, studying and examining.With white hair and wrinkles, "a classmate in the seventh grade tenth class said affectionately.

Church life is also an important course

"Young people are an important period for the formation of students’ personality. Teaching them at this stage is important, but it is more important to teach them to live and teach them to be a person."Infiltration of education, this immersive gratitude education can guide students to reflect, appreciate, and feel the parent’s breeding, express gratitude to parents, think about the gratitude of parents, reflect the trip of the newspaper in daily life learningEssence"Let your children start with gratitude to their parents, learn to care about the people around them, care about the surrounding world, and also learn to care about themselves, cultivate their own good character, improve psychological quality, and cherish life. Continuously deepen through the above activities.And refine our school’s mental health education. "Cai Yifang said.

"We adhere to the" no student can lose ‘in study. At the same time, what we have to do in terms of psychological work is to let each student grow well. ", This activity can cultivate students’ ability to "gratitude to parents, gratitude, gratitude to friends", establish a harmonious and harmonious family relationship, promote the atmosphere of mutual assistance, unity and love between students, and understand the parents, care for parents from the inner mind,Thank you for your parents.(Guanhai News/Qingdao Evening News reporter Gao Jingwen)

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