Qingdao tattoo Mercedes -Benz women suspect that drunk driving to find top bags, when the street splashes wildly: I am pregnant, who dares to move me

Qingdao’s tattoo female drunk driving Mercedes -Benz, arrogant attitude after the crash: I am happy to drink some wine today?

Recently, a arrogant woman exploded the Internet.A woman in the video was exposed and there was a large area tattoo on her chest.Her face was shouted, shouting loudly, a expression of eating people.The scolded man looked helpless and argued with the woman very helplessly.

What causes the woman to be so angry, regardless of her face and noisy on the street?


This happened in Qingdao, Shandong.Time returned to July 17th, a sedan hit a certain section and drove over speed.The surrounding vehicles avoided, but the accident still happened -a taxi was rear -ended.

After the two parties stop, the taxi driver gets off and wants to discuss compensation with them.However, the woman’s attitude was badly rejected, and the taxi driver was ignored directly, and the driving left quickly.The taxi driver had no time to call the police, so he had to drive to catch up with the woman.However, the woman racing the car on the spot, and a few Shenlong tail quickly drove away the taxi until a traffic light intersection was stopped.

After the taxi driver chased her, trying to negotiate with her.However, the woman swayed underground cars and scolded the driver directly.The taxi driver saw her alcohol, and found that she was drunk and gave up the theory.However, the woman output madly at the driver according to the unwillingness.

The arrogant anger attracted a lot of onlookers, but the woman did her own "performance" in the middle of the crowd regardless of her face.After the traffic police arrived at the scene, the woman was still my own, and refused to admit her mistake.At this time, the role of a brother was ignored.

The woman claimed to the traffic police that her boyfriend was driving just now.Only then did people notice the thin taller next to the woman.This man was not ashamed of in public like a girlfriend, but it was obviously embarrassing.As a result, unexpectedly, the man said that he was just driving.

Then, the woman took a bite, saying that she was hit by a taxi driver and asked her to pay tens of thousands of dollars.I have been pregnant for five months now. In case of scaring the baby, who is responsible?Talking, she picked up the phone to find her mother.Look at you, this kind of giant baby actually has a "pregnant baby", and people who are not responsible for their babies are responsible for their babies?

The taxi driver said, "I have evidence! The driving recorder records the entire incident, and the woman has no argument.At first glance, this woman was not doing this kind of thing. Seeing that she was drunk and drunk and escaped, she began a more exciting performance.

The traffic police asked her to cooperate with the investigation, but she suddenly lay down on the ground, covering her belly and said that her body was uncomfortable.However, this acting skills are still too fake. The traffic police asked questions on the spot: After pregnancy, I still drink alcohol.Why don’t you want to think about your children when you violate the law and discipline? Now that so many people are splashing and rolling, it is really shameful.

After some pulling, the woman was finally angry.She acknowledged that she was driving after drinking after drinking.Afterwards, she was afraid of being held accountable and escaped.After being caught, tried to escape the sanctions of the law through pregnancy.

Event analysis

For this accident, the most surprising thing is that the woman’s series of show operations after the incident.

This time it was still lucky. Her drag racing did not cause the pedestrian injury, but it has seriously endangered the traffic order.It is a propaganda language for driving after being banned from driving, and there are often reports on TV due to drunk driving accidents.However, some people are still not afraid of danger. They do not take the law at all, regardless of the safety of others, and drink on the road as they want.

And after the accident, the driver’s unknown attitude was really angry.Constantly shirk responsibility, and even play rogues in front of the traffic police, which is obviously not aware of your mistakes.She was still a pregnant woman. This really worried about her child: How can such a mother educate a good child?

Things have caused heated discussions on the Internet. Many netizens said that this time it was really eye -opening.This kind of monster monsters are pests hidden in society. From time to time, they will come out to be a demon. The whole show will show you.Such people have no social morality at all, only self -centered, and should be educated and criticized.

Some netizens said that this is the case for female drivers.However, this statement was quickly questioned. Traffic accidents should not rise to the opposition between men and women. The bad behavior against someone cannot represent a group.More rational netizens said that everyone’s attention should be how such a person is judged and how such things should be changed in the future.

The Qingdao police’s operation seemed a little unsatisfactory this time. Three days have passed, and the official report has not been seen. Netizens have said that they can let everyone see the judgment results as soon as possible.It seems that relevant departments should pay attention to the incident, investigate and clearly, and give the people an explanation.

Event summary

To sum up this incident, it is actually a storm caused by drunk driving.However, the attitude of the involved and the speed of the follow -up processing has pointed to the pain point of the public.And media reports have also caused rapid fermentation of public opinion.

As a citizen, we should fulfill our responsibilities and maintain the harmony and stability of society together.The law enforcement department should increase regulatory efforts, further increase punishment measures, and give people who know the law a severe warning.Faced with the pressure of public opinion, I hope that the relevant departments will issue a survey statement as soon as possible to not let the public lose trust and expectations.

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