Qi Tianlei played a scam and let Li Yuhu "vomit acid water" in public to pretend to be sick. It is indeed a big trotter

"Buying or selling is not calculated. The business is difficult to flourish. If you are not afraid of making money, you are afraid of incomplete goods. Seeing people laughing three points, guests can not run away, they will become businessmen, wealth, and three rivers."God, he was almost known by Ke Shizhao. Fortunately, Qi Tianlei helped him. One night helped Li Yuhu to make up for his homework. Sure enough, in the "inspection class" the next day, Li Yuhu performed extremely brilliantly. Even the old lady was looking at her.Ke Shizhao hates itchy teeth. In order to let Li Yuhu expose the fox tail, he asked Li Yuhu to give the account book for a hard wood, and to make a careful analysis again. Li Yuhu crooked his head aiming at Qi Tianlei.Said, I can only pretend to be turned over the ledger, and shouted "Lost" while turning my mouth!The old lady sitting on the hall, looking at Li Yuhu, who was seriously flipping the ledger, she was also anxious. The girl looked so seriously and speak so straight. In case of really speaking the loss of the losing business of the wooden bank, that canIt’s amazing. Only Ke Shizhao was waiting to see the joke. Qi Tianlei sat on the stool and touched his nose.After all, the old lady is a person who came here. When she saw Sun Dai, she was happy, and she quickly asked Qi Tianlei to take her daughter -in -law back to rest. Don’t watch the ledger.Intersection

When she walked in the middle of the garden, Li Yuhu then reacted. The woman with the main baby doll would vomit sour water. She felt that Qi Tianlei was playing with herself and said that the couple played in the garden. Unfortunately, thisOne scene made the girl around Ke Shizhao see it. It was obvious that the three young masters couldn’t move their illness, and my grandma was pregnant.Ke Shizhao, did not expect that when Ke Shizhao arrived in the rockery, how could there be any match? This is clearly the grandma of the three young grandmother teaching the girl. Qi Tianlei sat on the stone. Just in front of the old lady, Ke Shizhao had a stomachache. NowAfter being played again, Ke Shizhao was so angry!

At this moment, Qi Tianlei in the garden was with Li Yuhu, and she was scolding and scolding. Li Yuhu looked at Qi Sanzi in front of her. She didn’t understand. Qi Tianlei was so good and smart.Disease, if Qi Tianlei was full of doubts about Li Yuhu at the beginning, after the test of the old lady, Qi Tianlei completely opened his heart to Li Yuhu. He took Li Yuhu and sat opposite him.Originally, they all lived well, and the results were bizarrely died overnight, especially the death of the second brother. After the darkness, the second brother screamed, and then died. At that time, Qi Tianlei was only 16 years old, scaring him to rectify him.I couldn’t sleep all night all night. Qi Fu even reported that Qi Sanzi could only live to 25 years old. In this way of ridiculous, fortunately Qi Tianlei was young, and encountered the teacher Liu Ruoqian.Brave.Li Yuhu listened to Qi Tianlei’s story.Qi Tianlei hugs his fists with both hands: sister Yuhu, I hope you can stay to help me, and catch ghosts together!Immediately when the two were shot, the couple reached a consensus.

After dark, a small bowl of medicine came to the door of Qi Tianlei’s room. It seemed to be here to send the medicine. In fact, it was to find out the situation. The clever Li Yuhu pushed the door directly to grab the medicine in the small hand., But this medicine is not to give Qi Tianlei drink, but to drink two mice in the house. Qi Tianlei told Li Yuhu that the two mice have been dying every day. Li Yuhu watched the mouse in the cage.To do the real "Du Bingyan", stay in Qifu for Du Bingyan, and get out of that "ghost"!

Li Yuhu in Qifu also stood on the same front as Qi Tianlei, but the "true" Du Bingyan in the army was not so good.When people are, they secretly go to a small river to wash. This day is called a grievance. Maybe only by this little river, she is a real woman. When she returns to the barracks, she becomes that fake boy "Du Bing ", since Du Bingyan came to Yuan’s unyielding camp, she took care of the injured general very carefully every day.Eyes, you must not let the general know what your true identity is!Du Bing could only tell the general that the general must have remembered the wrong. When he entered the camp on the first day, the general rushed to him by himself.For those who fought, he didn’t have so much thought, and naturally he was convinced of Du Bing’s words!

Du Bingyan had a secret affection for Yuan, who had peek at the general in the camp, but she did n’t know, after the praying mantis caught the cicada, the bird was peeking in the account, but Shapingwei was peeking outside the account.Herself, Sha Pingwei wandered off outside the general’s account, and stared at Du Bing, who was dressed as a woman every day, and looked at the nephew of this nephew. Shapingwei stared at Du Bing all day long.I am also brave, tell me, I like Du Bing!As soon as Liu Ruoqian heard this, it was still so good, and not to mention that Du Bing’s true identity was a woman. He just liked a boy alone, and he couldn’t accept it.Be careful with the habit of broken sleeves!Shapingwei, the boy, even felt that the general had a habit of broken sleeves. Otherwise, how could he put Xiao Du Bing in his own account all day.Sleeve?He stood outside Yuan, staring at the two people in the account, frowned, no right!Du Bing is so handsome, raising his hands and feet, how to look like a woman, Du Bing and Du Bing, oops, isn’t this a word of Du Bingyan less? Liu Ruqian patted his brain, this time he was fooled!This Du Bing is clearly the lady of the general Du Bingyan!

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