Pyrtiadin adenoma, taking bromide kiosuke during pregnancy, will it affect fertility?Can you stop the medicine?

Crimdiam can regulate a type of wheat -angle alkaloids that can regulate the activity of dopamine. After the decomposition of the drug, it can act on the hypothalamic brain to inhibit the increased increase of prolactin secretion.It can help reduce the level of prolactin and achieve the role of inhibitting milk increase.

In addition, the drug can also activate the secretion of gonad hormone to restore ovarian health. It can be used in clinical treatment of abnormal diseases in women’s ovaries. For example, it still occurs after amenorrhea and treats parabolin adenoma.

When the anterior pituitary cells are excessively stimulated, a large amount of prolactin will be secreted, which will cause the hypothalamic brain cells to grow into a tumor, which is called "pituitary catalystic adenoma".,amenorrhea.

At present, there are three methods for treating the disease, namely drug treatment, surgical treatment, and radiation therapy. For patients with pituitary tumors, surgical therapy plus radiation therapy is usually considered, while pituitary small tumors are the first choice for drug treatment.Clinically, dopamine receptor agonists are often used. This drug can reduce tumor cells aging, which reduces the corruption level of the prolactin level. At the same time, it can also improve nerve function suppression caused by pituitary positions.

The bromide is the most commonly used perimide receptor agonist. Other drugs also include metamorcin forests and metamorcin forests.The initial dosage of bromine kioskine is 2.5 mg, 2-3 times a day. In the clinical medication data of the bromide pavilion, 18 % -25 % of patients will have drug resistance. ThereforeThe amount of medication should be gradually increased, and the maximum does not exceed 15mg.

★ When can the treatment of pituitary catalyst adenoma stop drugs?

● During the decision to take this drug, the secretion level of the prolactin should be checked regularly. If it returns to the normal value, it should continue to consolidate the course of 3-6 months, and then gradually reduce the dosage of the drug;

● If patients with pituitary adenoma are treated, the MRI (MRI) is checked once every 3-6 months.It can gradually reduce the dosage of the medicinal. If it is restored properly, consider doing it for drug discontinuation;

● The history of medication should be more than 2 years. If the minimum dose is maintained before the drug is stopped, the disease can be stopped without worsening.

After suffering from pituitary prolactin adenomas, the more obvious clinical manifestations are infertility, lactation, and amenorrhea.Different amenorrhea caused by the amenorrhea caused by pituitary prolactin adenoma is different from menopause. The disease is due to the increased prolactin secretion in the blood, which leads to a decrease in gonadotropin.Decreased, and the amenorrhea caused by menopause is because the follicles in the body cannot continue to secrete the normal amenorrhea, and cannot continue to return to the normal level through treatment.Hormone secretion can be restored to normal ovulation and conception.

This drug is mainly inhibited to inhibit the high prolactin. If the prolactin secretion is increased during pregnancy, then the drug needs to be taken to prevent abortion or premature birth.It is determined that the drug has no effect on the fetus. If it is abnormal in the corridine level during pregnancy, it should be taken.

In addition, for ordinary women, if amenorrhea is caused by the rise of prolactin, it can reduce emulsion secretion after taking this drug. After a period of treatment, the regular menstrual cycle can be obtained.The function is restored, providing basic conditions for conception.

If you are diagnosed with pregnancy during taking this drug, if you want to take drug suspension, you should gradually reduce the dosage after 3 months of conception.Whether you choose to stop drug treatment, you should also consider whether breastfeeding is used. After giving birth, if breastfeeding is decided, the level of serum prolactin in the body will continue to rise.It is likely that the tumor will continue to increase. Although the clinical occurrence rate of this phenomenon is low, it is still possible, so it cannot be taken lightly.You need to observe the possibility of lesions in the size of the tumor, and then decide whether to stop the drug.

The initial dose is twice a day, and it is taken in the morning and evening. If it generates resistance after taking it, the dose of the medicinal doses is added, and each is taken in the morning, middle and evening.Some patients will cause the gastrointestinal stimulation after the release of drugs, and a series of adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, panic, or hypotension.Stimulation of the stomach and intestines, thereby relieve discomfort.If the adverse reaction is still not relieved, the number of medication should be considered or reduced the number of times, but only 3 % of the patient’s patient may be stopped due to serious adverse reactions.

● After taking this drug treatment, it can promote ovarian function recovery, so it is likely to cause unexpected pregnancy during the recovery process. Therefore, if there is no adult woman with a pregnancy plan, safe and effective contraceptive measures should be taken;

● During taking this drug, if you know that you are pregnant, you don’t need to panic and choose abortion. The drug will not have a side effect on the fetus;

● If patients with high prolactin ledis are pregnant, they can consider stopping the drug, because the adults will increase the secretion of prolactin during pregnancy, which is about 10 times.

● Patients who are treating pituitary micronoma, if you consider discontinued, you should start to gradually reduce the suspension after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

● Undaled macrobinoma, and should be prepared for pregnancy after the volume of the tumor is reduced. If you are pregnant successfully, you can take the medicine during pregnancy;

● This medicine should be stopped during breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, you can take the medicine again.

Although the bromide kiosk is a drug regulating hormone, it will not adversely affect the fetus when the drug plays a role. Therefore, from the perspective of many clinical data of the drug, the abortion rate and the fetal malformation rate are not affected by the drug after taking the drug.; During pregnancy, there is no relevant report to show that it has an impact on fetal development and intelligence. Therefore, you can use it safely, but it is best to decide whether to take the drug according to the patient’s condition.

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