Pulling the wisdom teeth before pregnancy, the wisdom teeth will not only cause miscarriage, but also delay the medication.

This article was originally created by Dr. Zhang Shanshan, a surgery of the Shenzhen Hospital of Peking University

Human beings have two teeth from childhood to the conference, once they are deciduous teeth (before 6 years old), and one at a time (usually after 12 and 13), but there are several teeth.It’s wisdom teeth.

Smart teeth are the last large teeth (molar) of the maxillary bone of human mandibular bones. Each of these four teeth varies, and each person ranges from 0 to 4.

Many friends say that wisdom teeth are a symbol of wisdom. Of course, friends without wisdom teeth are also very intelligent.Because it is about 20 years old, it is about 20 years old. At this time, people’s physiology and development in their hearts are close to maturity, so they are regarded as a symbol of "wisdom coming", and their names have also come.

But in fact, in the process of occurrence and evolution of humans, as the food changes from thickness, the chewing organs and bite force become smaller, resulting in degeneration of chewing muscles, jaws and teeth.

Due to evolutionary reasons, the length of the mandibular bone is not coordinated with the length required by the teeth, which will cause our common wisdom tooth resistance (sprouting difficulty).

Obstruction is mainly manifested as partially germinated and completely ambush. Of course, a small number of people’s wisdom teeth can be completely sprung up. However, because the position is very backward, it is not easy to clean the teeth in place.

It is for the above reasons that wisdom teeth are likely to cause wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan.The main manifestations of Guan Zhouyan are: swelling and discomfort, swallowing and chewing pain, even fever, no open mouth, swelling and pain on one side of the face.

This situation generally occurs mainly on friends who are 18 to 30 -year -old young people and friends who cannot grow completely.Some young friends often occur in the late period of menstruation. At this time, people’s resistance is relatively low.

At the beginning, many people felt that tolerance passed, of course, when the pain was more patient and not so serious.Don’t care about it at this time, it is best to go to the hospital for a timely treatment.

During the consultation process, we often see that some people have a swollen face on one side of the steamed buns, and their mouths are completely open, and they are at this time. At this time, we come to the doctor.At this time, of course, the wisdom teeth cannot be pulled out, and the inflammation must be removed to handle the wisdom teeth.

After the inflammation is eliminated, don’t be good to forget the pain. Based on the doctor’s suggestion, the doctor’s proposal is to deal with wisdom teeth. If the above -mentioned cases mentioned above occur, it is necessary to deal with it in time.Treatment, a few less pain.

● Turn your teeth before the top of the teeth.On the other hand, avoid the expansion of the problem. Do not wait to look at the broken top of the front tooth. At that time, it was not unplug a teeth.Essence

Below is two examples of having no time to obstruct the wisdom teeth in time. Not only must it be pulled out of the obstructive wisdom teeth, but also the first good teeth in front must be pulled out together. Do not take it lightly.

● Draw before pregnancy.The worst wisdom tooth inflammation is to cause abortion during pregnancy. Drug consumption is limited during pregnancy. Even if it is treated, the fetus must be taken into account, otherwise the mother is very painful.

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