Prevention and treatment of eczema during pregnancy, expectant mothers pay attention to these taboos

Eczema during pregnancy is a very annoying thing.According to clinical statistics, about 5%of women will have eczema during pregnancy, and pregnant women’s eczema often occurs after 6 months of pregnancy or after giving birth to children.Due to the decline in the mother’s immunity during this time, and the emotional instability, it is prone to symptoms of eczema.Therefore, pregnant mothers should take certain prevention and control measures before and during the occurrence of eczema during pregnancy to avoid the prevention and treatment misunderstanding and spend a relatively relaxed pregnancy period.

One or four types of pregnant mothers can easily provoke eczema

1. Pregnant women with allergies

Such pregnant women are easy to cause skin diseases such as eczema during pregnancy.And babies often inherit this constitution, and allergic diseases such as infant eczema and asthma occur.

2. Pregnant women with chronic infected lesions

Such as suffering from chronic cholecystitis, tonsillitis, intestinal parasites, etc.

3. Pregnant women with varicose veins

During pregnancy, due to uterine compression, some pregnant women have shallow veins in vulva, vaginal mucosa, anus, rectum, and lower limbs, and blood stasis, forming veins, which is closely related to the incidence of eczema in the vulva.

4. Pregnant women with nervous nervousness

The impact of neuropathy during pregnancy, such as excessive anxiety and worry, can also become the fuse of eczema.

2. How to prevent eczema during pregnancy?

1. Avoid contact with allergies

As a special group, pregnant women are not convenient to take medicine by themselves. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to treat eczema for allergies first.If the allergic substances around you do not rule out, it is naturally difficult to treat eczema during pregnancy.Only by ensuring that it is no longer exposed to allergens and cooperated with doctors to improve autoimmunity, it will slowly have no rejection reaction to effectively prevent eczema during pregnancy.

2. Try to avoid external stimuli and local stimuli

If pregnant mothers suffer from eczema, they should not grasp as much as possible, do not use force, and do not use hot water soap to wash to avoid fevering the skin due to friction and external stimulation, which is even more itchy and unbearable.

3. Do not eat seafood and spicy food

To prevent and treat eczema during pregnancy, pay attention not to drink alcohol, do not drink strong tea and coffee.Do not eat sour, spicy dishes or other irritating foods.During the occurrence of eczema, avoid eating yellow croaker, sea shrimp, seafood, etc. that are easy to cause allergies.At this time, pregnant mothers can eat some light and wet food to ease the condition.

4. Avoid living environment too humid

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, wetness is yin evil, and its sexuality is stagnant and sticky.The home is on the low -level, the sun has few faces, the air is humid, and the indoor ventilation is not good, and the skin is prone to eczema, especially when the spring and summer turn in the south humid weather, or the rainy season of long summer plums, or when the autumn is warm and humid.EssenceTo prevent eczema during pregnancy, we must start from daily life and keep the indoor temperature and appropriate humidity. The sheets, quilts, and pillow towels should be changed frequently to keep them clean, so as to avoid the breeding of bacterial viruses in the home environment and cause eczema in pregnant women.

5. Avoid changing clothes

In the prevention and treatment of eczema during pregnancy, we must change clothes to keep the body clean and refreshing, so as to avoid the wetness of the clothes and the breeding of bacteria and causing eczema.

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