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During the epidemic, many people have to work at home, especially some mothers. They must not only be responsible for the child’s three meals a day, but also stare at various learning from morning to night. The pressure continues to increase, and anxiety and depression will often appear.At this time, female friends need to pay attention to a disease called "Hashimoto thyroiditis".

As people’s awareness of physical examination increases, ultrasonic diagnosis technology continues to develop. During thyroid ultrasound examination, more and more "bridge thyroiditis" is diagnosed.Hashimoto thyroiditis, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, is an autoimmune disease with an incidence of 1%to 2%, which is more common in middle -aged women.According to Yonglin, the ultrasound doctor of Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital, the cause of Hashimoto thyroiditis is not yet clear, and has a certain genetic tendency. Infection, mental stimulation, pregnancy, excessive iodine intake, excessive neck radiation and other factorsIt is more likely to occur under stimuli.

Most patients do not have obvious clinical symptoms, and they are often discovered during medical examinations.Since then, patients will have thyroid permeable enlarged swelling, manifested as swollen neck, and may even compress other parts of the neck, such as trachea, esophagus, etc., cause neck discomfort, feel swallowed or breathing difficulties.Early duration can be manifested as mild one excessive hyperthyroidism, and symptoms such as panic, hands shake, sweat, and easy to be hungry; the duration can be permanently hypothyroidism in the later stage of the disease, and symptoms such as cold, constipation, fatigue, and lethargy.

Tong Yonglin explained that although Hashimoto thyroiditis is called "inflammation", it is not the same as the inflammation caused by "bacterial infection".Hashimoto thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease. It is a human body’s immune cell-lymphocytes that do not know what causes in the thyroid tissue, causing destruction to thyroid tissue, causing abnormal thyroid function.Early due to the destruction of thyroid cells, the thyroxine in the cells will run into the blood, which is manifested as T3 (trio iodine -like primary acid) and T4 (thyroxine) in the blood.The corresponding symptoms of hyperthyroidism.With the development of the disease, cells in the thyroid gland are getting worse and worse, and the production of thyroid hormones is insufficient. It manifests as the "T3, T4 decrease, and the increase in TSH" in the blood, and the corresponding symptoms of hypothyroidism will occur.

"Hashimoto thyroiditis itself does not have a significant adverse effect on the human body. The purpose of treatment is to control the thyroid function." Tong Yonglin introduced that patients with normal thyroid function and symptoms of uncomfortable symptoms only need to be checked regularly;There is no obvious discomfort and can be observed for a period of time; if the thyroid function is obviously abnormal and there is symptoms of discomfort, you need to follow the doctor’s advice.

If the neck is swollen and the neck is uncomfortable, Yongyonglin recommends the examination of ultrasound, thyroid function, and thyroid antibody."Generally, as long as the patient’s thyroid ultrasound examination, thyroid and thyroid galinoprotein antibody (TGAB), and thyroid peroxybenase antibody (TPOAB) are combined with the patient’s two antibodies, doctors can basically determine whether it is Hashimoto thyroid gland.Flames. "Hashimoto thyroiditis occurs more in women, and more than 90%is found in women, and the high incidence is 30-50 years old."Stress is easy to cause instability of autoimmune function. Female friends are facing various pressures. We must maintain a good mood and face life with an optimistic attitude."

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