Preparing for a long time, I can’t be pregnant for a long time. The original problem was on the bath of the small couple. The method is wrong.

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Xiao Li and his wife and his wife married freely, so the two were not affectionate.Although I have been married for 5 years, the relationship between the two has always been very good.This was not last year, and the two of them planned to get married and had children, but they worked hard for a year, and there were still no results.Seeing a doctor also said that two people are healthy and have no other problems, so the suggestions given to wait.

It has been prepared for a year now, and there is no news. Although it is very anxious, I still wait patiently.Once my mother -in -law came to their house, they said they had to live for a while, and they agreed.But I didn’t expect that my mother -in -law had not long lived, and I said, I finally know why you have no children yet.

The young couple are very puzzled, saying that the doctor said that there is no problem, it is a time problem.But her mother -in -law said that because you took a bath when you took a bath, he would kill the sperm.Well, Xiao Li went to the Internet to check what was going on online. It turned out that the mother said it was true.

Disadvantages of husband and wife bath together:

1.It is likely to spread the disease

Because the husband and wife are bathing together, there are some germs that can enter the water, and then spread to the other half of their own. The disease of Candida vaginitis will be contagious. In this case, there will be some innocent.Therefore, considering the healthy problem, it is recommended that young couples, it is best not to bath together.

2.Kill sperm

We all know that high temperatures will kill sperm. The temperature of the bath water is higher than our own temperature, so it is easy to kill men’s sperm.Especially some small couples, when taking a bath, think about doing bad things, but I don’t know that it hurts the sperm. The best way is to do bad things after taking a bath for half an hour or an hour after taking a shower.This is better for sperm quality.

3.Not conducive to husband and wife relationship

Originally, everyone’s thoughts were that the bath can promote the relationship between husband and wife, and use visual stimuli to make both husband and wife more emotional fusion. However, if this is long for a long time, it is easy to cause visual fatigue.Very good.Therefore, it is recommended that you should stop it.

How did you take a bath with your other half?It’s best not to bath.


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