Premature placenta in the same room during pregnancy?Some things about "popping" during pregnancy

I remember that one night in the middle of the middle of last year, at 12 o’clock in the evening of the obstetrics and gynecology of the obstetrics and gynecology, I immediately passed. A young woman who was 25 weeks pregnant was sweaty and had difficulty breathing.The medical history was 2 hours ago. Shortly after the same room with her husband, her lower abdomen began to be unbearable.

The patient’s condition was more complicated, and I quickly checked the lower abdomen. The fetus in the palace had no heartbeat, and the placenta was thickened as a whole. Considering the possibility of early peeling of the placenta.The signs are temporarily stable.It turned out to be the rupture of the uterus!One step later, not only the abdomen in the abdomen, the patient will also be difficult to protect because of a large amount of blood loss.Fortunately, the rescue is timely, and the patient has now recovered.

A pregnant woman knows that she should be cautious in the same room after pregnancy, but the specific attention is not necessarily clear.

1. Can I have the same room during pregnancy?

From a medical theory, sexual life during pregnancy is not prohibited. Healthy and moderate sexual life can not only greatly enhance the intimate feelings between husband and wife, but also help to promote the development of the fetus.

2. How many months can I be in the same room?

However, the same room during pregnancy is not suitable for the whole pregnancy.After women’s pregnancy, due to the change in endocrine function, early pregnancy reactions, and taking into account the impact on the embryo, the requirements and sexual reactions on sexual life are reduced.Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, on the one hand, due to the maturity of the placenta, the connection between the placenta and the uterine wall is not close. On the other hand, the progesterone secretion is insufficient and the embryo cannot be given strong maintenance. At this timeMay cause abortion.Therefore, it is best not to have the same room in the early stages of pregnancy.In the last two months of pregnancy, the placenta began to decline, and the pregnant woman’s hands and feet were seriously edema. At this time, it was inconvenient to move. At this time, the same room was also likely to cause contractions and lead to premature birth.

If you have been treated for premature birth, or other problems occur during pregnancy, such as shortening or expansion of cervix, outflow of amniotic fluid, pre -placenta, vaginal bleeding, and abortion history, you must first consult a doctor, whether you can have the same room during pregnancy.In some cases, you need to avoid the same room during pregnancy.

3. Sexual life during pregnancy may cause problems

1. Bleeding: Pelvic congestion during pregnancy, softering the neck in the vagina, and the collision of sexual life may cause mucous membranes and blood vessels to cause bleeding.

2. Infection: Over -sex life may bring external bacteria into the vagina. If you are already in delivery soon, these bacteria can enter the body along the open uterine mouth, causing infection.

3. Modern or premature birth: The stimulus of sexual intercourse can cause uterine contraction, leading to abortion or premature birth.

4. Early breakthroughs and early stripping of the fetal membrane, early stripping of the placenta: abdominal bulging during pregnancy, inconvenient sexual intercourse. If the abdomen is collided, the placenta and the uterine wall can be separated prematurely, or the intrauterine pressure increasesEssenceTherefore, sexual intercourse should be dependent on the physical condition during pregnancy and carefully decided.

What should I pay attention to during the same room during pregnancy?

In the choice of posture, it is safer to adopt a female upper position, or the side lying position, and it is actually good after entering.In addition, in the same room during pregnancy, the movements are gentle, you can’t rub your chest, you can use props, once a week, don’t be too greedy, you can’t anal sex, that is a hooligan, finally remember, use a condom.

Final reminder

In fact, the sexual desire of women during pregnancy will decline.Statistics have shown that 70%of Chinese women’s sexual desires have decreased significantly during pregnancy, and about 40%of men will reduce their sexual desire after pregnancy.This shows that not everyone has sexual needs during pregnancy.If you do have no sexual desire, you must learn to refuse the other half.For friends with sexual needs during pregnancy, I hope to correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of sexual life during pregnancy, so as to better arrange it.

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