Pregnant women’s notice: When will the files go during pregnancy?What is the specific process?What needs attention

Although pregnancy is a very happy thing, most of the new pregnant mothers do not know what to do after pregnancy and when to go to the hospital for examination.

In fact, after pregnancy, expectant mothers need to bring relevant documents, go to the hospital for archives (handbooks during pregnancy), and do a series of pregnancy examinations.

When is it better to set up files during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, the stalls are 3 months pregnant during pregnancy (about 12 weeks), because at this time, the fetus is basically stable, and the expectant mothers can be checked on time according to the time on the pregnancy check manual.

It should be noted that because each hospital’s requirements for archives are different, expectant mothers need to understand the requirements and processes of the selected hospital in advance.In addition, it is recommended that expectant mothers try to build files as early as possible, because this can increase the success rate of construction. After all, many hospitals are very limited.

What is the specific process of archives during pregnancy

The specific process of pre -pregnancy files may be different in each hospital, but in general, these steps need to be carried out during pregnancy.

1. Preparation certificate

During pregnancy, the mothers need to bring the documents and materials required by Qi, mainly include: ID card, hukou book, medical insurance card, early B -ultrasound, and other documents required by the hospital.It should be noted that the general documents can be built with complete documents, so the documents that are not yet needed to be processed as soon as possible.

2. Registered, submitted information and payment

Before going to the file, expectant mothers need to understand the time of the selected hospital in advance. If you need to make an appointment, the expectant mother will make an appointment for registration first, and then submit the prepared documents and required information.In order, expectant mothers need to pay.

3. Perform the first formal checkup

The construction of the file during pregnancy is also equivalent to a birth checkup. The inspection items that expectant mothers need to conduct are: conventional examination (quantitative blood pressure, high abdominal circumference, weight, blood routine, urine routine, etc.), liver function, renal function, ECG, B -ultrasound, B -ultrasoundExamination, infectious disease examination, and doctors inquiring about the history of pregnancy, history of past diseases, family history, checking the last menstrual time, and so on.

What do I need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

The establishment of files during pregnancy is the first formal production inspection conducted by expectant mothers. Generally, it will pay more attention. In order to build files, expectant mothers need to pay attention to the following points.

Be sure to choose a regular hospital: usually after the archives are established, the expectant mothers will basically be in this hospital in the future, so it is important to choose a regular hospital.Know the requirements of the selected hospital in advance: The requirements for the archives of each hospital may not be the same. In order to avoid running back and forth, it is recommended that expectant mothers understand and prepare in advance.It is best to take an empty stomach on the day of the file: Because there are more inspection items to be done during pregnancy, it also includes an empty stomach inspection items.Honest answer to the doctor’s routine inquiry: Especially the doctor asked if the mother had a history of miscarriage before, and it was recommended that the doctor could accurately judge the risks that might encounter during pregnancy.Don’t miss the NT check: The time of NT check is 11 to 13 weeks+6 days of pregnancy. If the expectant mother has not done NT, then the NT examination must be done together this time.Others: For example, inquire about the doctor in time, and remember the precautions during pregnancy that the doctor explained.

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