Pregnant women’s limbs seriously?Try these 5 relief methods!

The five methods of edema of pregnant women can alleviate many pregnant women with edema, especially on the limbs. The skin pressed in severe cases will be recovered for a long time. The overall pregnant woman will also look swelling, a circle larger than before pregnancy.Many pregnant women look at their bulky body, and they will be distressed, so what causes the edema of pregnant women? How should it be relieved?

Causes of edema of pregnant women

First, because a large amount of estrogen is secreted during pregnancy, water and salt stay in the body; the other is that the uterus gradually becomes oppressed and hinders the vein return.The lighter edema is reflected in the ankle and calf, which may develop to the abdomen and thighs, and even the whole body.

Five methods to relieve edema:

1. Control the intake of salt

The daily intake of pregnant women should not exceed 6 grams. This is due to the decline in the adjustment function of the body’s salt and moisture after pregnancy. Therefore, high -salt food pregnant women should eat as little as possible.And malnutrition can also cause edema. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to the intake of protein and iron, and eat more protein -rich foods such as meat, eggs, milk, etc., and iron -rich foods such as animal liver.

Second, use the left sleeping position sleep

Pregnant women should use the left sleep posture to sleep, which can reduce the compression of venous blood vessels and reduce the resistance of venous return.When lying flat, you can raise your legs, accelerate the return of blood, effectively alleviate the swelling of the pregnant woman’s feet, and prevent intravenous veins from.

3. Appropriate walk

Pregnant women must exercise in moderation during pregnancy. Staying is one of the good ways. Walking helps to shrink the calf muscles, promote venous blood backflow, and effectively prevent the swollen feet of pregnant women.

Fourth, pay attention to moderate activities

One of the causes of edema is due to the large uterine compressive venous blood vessels, which hinders venous return.Therefore, if pregnant women stand or sit for a long time, they will increase this phenomenon.Therefore, pregnant women should avoid maintaining a posture for a long time, and it takes some time to move to promote blood circulation.

5. Massage calf

Massage calves can also effectively prevent edema. Pregnant women can find their family to help massage in free time.

Edema during pregnancy is a common problem in the late pregnancy. Generally, do not need to worry too much, but if the situation is more serious, for example, the phenomenon of edema has exceeded the calf, or after a long break, the situation will not get better.It is due to the edema caused by other diseases. Pregnancy hypertension, heart disease and other diseases can cause edema. If treatment is needed, pregnant women should actively cooperate and not affect the health of the fetus and pregnant women due to delaying the condition.

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