Pregnant women’s leg cramps may not be calcium deficiency. There are also four reasons. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to

"Pull, pull, my husband quickly press it!" Xiaojuan awakened her husband, shouted in a row, and the calf was painful.

Her husband stared up and rubbed his wife with his legs. After a while, Xiaojuan slowed down.

Xiaojuan has been cramping from time to time since 5 months of pregnancy, and it is difficult to fall asleep after the pain. Xiaojuan wondered that she usually eats nutritious diet, and she drinks milk every day.Why are you still cramping?

In fact, about half of the pregnant women will have leg cramps in the middle and late pregnancy, especially when sleeping at night, and when it comes to leg cramps, everyone will say that it is deficient in calcium., Legs are still cramps.

Among them, the root cause is that the reasons behind the cramps are not clear.

This is because the pregnant mother itself has the demand for calcium. In addition, the growth and development of the fetus, especially the growth of the baby bones, requires a lot of calcium. These relying on pregnant mothers are added, coupled with the pregnancy period, the increase of the secretion of thyroid glands increases during pregnancy., Decreased calcium secretion, and calcium loss will increase.Therefore, pregnant mothers are very prone to calcium deficiency, and severe calcium deficiency can cause muscle contraction and lead to leg cramps.

■ Countermeasure

According to the "Reference Invasion of Chinese Resident Dietary Nutrition", the intake of calcium in the early pregnancy is 800 mg/day, 1000 mg/day in the middle of pregnancy, and 1200 mg/day in the third trimester.

If pregnant women do not have obvious calcium deficiency symptoms and good health, usually drink a glass of milk in the morning and evening. If pregnant mothers with lactose intolerance, they can eat calcium tablets.

Coupled with the daily balanced diet and eating meat, eggs, beans, etc., you can achieve calcium demand during pregnancy.At the same time as calcium supplementation, we must also pay attention to the intake of vitamin D in the diet, such as deep sea fish, animal liver, egg yolk and lean meat, and eat deep sea fish or animal liver once a week.

When the weather is usually good, pregnant mothers go out of the outdoor for a while, take the sun, or eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, kiwi, green leafy vegetables, etc., which helps the absorption and utilization of calcium.

However, the standard of calcium supplementation is different from person to person. If the pregnant mother is deficient in calcium before pregnancy, even if the calcium demand is not large in the early pregnancy, additional calcium supplementation is needed.

However, the leg cramps of pregnant mothers are not caused by calcium deficiency. In addition to the factors of calcium deficiency, the following reasons will still cause leg cramps.

The later pregnancy, the greater the uterus, the body’s burden, and the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the pregnant mother. If you often sit and stand for a long time during the day, the leg muscles are in a state of fatigue, which will cause acid metabolic products to accumulate and cause causeMuscle spasm.Like people who have not exercised for a long time, after suddenly strenuous exercise, their legs are soft and they can’t go the next day. This is the feeling.

■ Countermeasure

Pregnant mothers reduce the number of times of wearing high heels, try to avoid sitting for a long time during the day, sit up for a while and stand up for a while, sit down for a while and rest to avoid tension of leg muscles.

Before going to bed at night, you can use warm water with a suitable temperature, soak the feet for ten minutes, and more water. It is best not to pass the akle and neck.

This reason is easy to be ignored. Indeed, uneven diet is related to leg cramps.The reason is that the pregnant mother lifted the ban, overeating, and eating too many protein -containing foods, such as meat. Although meat is rich in protein, excessive protein intake will affect the metabolism of carbohydrates, which will cause acid metabolic products to accumulate, causing itOne of the manifestations of electrolyte disorders and disorder is cramps.

■ Countermeasure

Pregnant mothers usually have a balanced diet. There is no need to stop eating. They obviously want to eat but tolerate. Occasionally they eat the ban and eat it wildly. Instead, it is not good for health.

Dietary principles during pregnancy: regular meals, dinner on time, vegetarian matching, comprehensive nutrition, not blindly taboo, and do not eat too much.

Pregnant mothers like to sleep on supine or lying down, but in the middle and late pregnancy, the belly is large. Sleeping on supine will compress the abdominal aorta in front of the spine, leading to poor blood flow back to the lower body, causing the lower limb veins.

■ Countermeasure

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can sleep in their comfortable posture, but after the middle and late pregnancy, try to lie on the side as much as possible. It is best to lie on the left side. With tools such as pregnant women pillows, the angle of the body is 15 ° ~ 30 °, pregnancy, and pregnancy.Mom may be more comfortable.

Of course, the most important thing is according to the condition of the pregnant mother. If the left side is very uncomfortable or the fetal movement is very frequent, the pregnant mother can adjust the sleeping position appropriately.

Although the quilt was covered before going to bed at night, she was too hot to fall asleep. The pregnant mother stretched her legs out. As a result, the temperature at night decreased, and the calf muscles were cold, and cramps would occur.Or the covered quilt is too thin, and the legs will be cold.Including barefoot to step on the floor, blowing air conditioners, etc.

■ Countermeasure

The thickness of the quilt should be suitable, too thick, it will press the feet, too thin and cold, you can wear comfortable cotton socks to sleep in winter. Even if you accidentally expose your legs, it will not be cold for a while.

In the spring, the weather is cold and hot, sometimes it is hot during the day, and the pregnant mother should pay attention to the temperature difference between morning and evening. Do not remove the quilt prematurely to avoid cold.

Summer is also coming. Pregnant mothers who are still pregnant in summer, remember not to be greedy for coolness. The air conditioner cannot blow on the calf, which can easily cause leg cramps.

The above is the main five factors of the leg cramps of pregnant mothers. Now don’t think that cramps are only calcium deficiency. Be sure to know the reason and then take countermeasures to effectively relieve leg cramps.

If the pregnant mother’s leg cramps at night, the husband will help the pregnant mother to relieve the cramps, let the pregnant mother sit on the bedside, straighten her legs, hold the wife’s ankle in one hand, hold the feet in one hand, hold the heel out, push upwards upward push upwardsCalf can relieve cramps.

If the pregnant mother is cramp, no one is around, pedaling the foot on the bedrack, and the straight, can effectively soothe the cramps.

Usually you can also use hot and humid towels to apply calfs to promote blood circulation and prevent alleviating calf cramps.

It is not easy to get pregnant. During pregnancy, you always encounter various discomforts, leg cramps, wrist pain, back pain, etc. Pregnant mothers must do health care during pregnancy, pay attention to the body, and relax.

When the prospective dad should take care of his wife, when his wife is uncomfortable, he will do practical actions, alleviate his wife’s discomfort, allow his wife to raise your fetus with peace of mind, and welcome the arrival of new life together.

Wish good pregnancy.

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