Pregnant women’s health: Understand the possibility of early pregnancy bleeding

This is very normal.Many pregnant women have dotted bleeding at the first to 2 weeks of pregnancy, which may also occur in the 6th week.Bed bleeding is not the same as menstrual bleeding, usually for several days or hours.

This is a state where the fertilized eggs are not implanted in the correct position, and many uterine pregnancy is implanted on the fallopian tube.Improper implantation will affect your fallopian tube, and even when embryo grows, it can cause abnormal bleeding and may endanger life.

Bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is not necessarily abortion.

Pregnancy nourishing cell diseases, also known as hydatidal, is an abnormal tissue growing in the uterus, not a baby’s disease.This is a tumor that spreads to other tissues of the body, which can also cause uterine swelling and nausea and vomiting.

This cause of bleeding is the most worrying thing for 3 months before pregnancy, and some abortion may also appear at 12 weeks.But bleeding is not necessarily abortion, especially when you have no other unusual symptoms.

Other causes of early pregnancy bleeding are vaginal bleeding (too many blood flows to cervix), cervical cancer, infection, and so on.No matter what kind of reason, you should inform your doctor to keep safety.

In addition to bleeding, you are also accompanied by some abnormal symptoms, such as high fever, unusual vaginal secretions, dizziness, pain or painless bleeding, severe pain or spasm in the lower abdomen, and you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Sometimes bleeding may only be a normal bleeding in bed, so don’t be too nervous.Especially when the amount of bleeding is small and the stop soon stops, it should not be a healthy problem.

Because you may not be able to judge the cause of bleeding, it is best to tell your doctor immediately and consult your doctor’s opinion to make the best measures to prevent it.

Sometimes the real cause of bleeding is unable to know the signs of the surface, so the doctor may arrange for you to conduct further examination to confirm the real cause of bleeding.

When you have bleeding, the doctor will ask you to rest.You may need to rest in bed and stop all violent activities in order to avoid other dangers.

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