Pregnant women were asked: Didn’t you have an early pregnancy check?No fetal heart appears

The sloppy lifestyle has always been yearning for many expectant mothers. After pregnancy, the bodies of expectant mothers will change tremendous. Because of the changes in hormones and abdomen in the body, the weight of pregnant mothers will gradually rise. ThereforeAs a result, pregnant mothers are particularly strong, and they will also make the physical perseverance of pregnant mothers worse.

Xiao Chen is a prospective mother who weighs 130 pounds before pregnancy. When she is pregnant, she grows 30 pounds and reaches 160 pounds.Perseverance, I want to lie on the bed all day long.Because of this habit, the prospective father said this: You are so sloppy, can you think about the fetus.

In fact, laziness during pregnancy is a kind of birth, but too sloppy pregnant mothers should consider the fetus, because their own behavior will directly affect the pregnancy development of the fetus. Don’t know the pregnant mothers.

During pregnancy, natural hygiene may be neglected, especially our personal hygiene, it may become a murderer of a tire, which must attract our attention.

After pregnancy, the pregnant woman stopped the holiday, but the underwear may be contaminated with secretions, urine, and feces, which causes our underwear to breed bacteria yellow hair and hard. It can easily breed bacteria and cause inflammation.Perhaps fetal stopping.

1. How to prevent inflammation during pregnancy

Inflammation during pregnancy is related to hygiene, especially the hygiene there. Xiaoji suggested that pregnant mothers prepare a few bottles of bacteriostatic solution, separate their own underwear every day to clean, soak the bacteriostatic solution for ten minutes, manually clean it.This is convenient for us to know the bacteria on the underwear, and pregnant mothers should get attention.

2. What is the impact of sloppy during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the life of the pregnancy will not only cause inflammation during pregnancy, but also the body metabolism of pregnant mothers will also be affected, and the pregnancy development of the fetus in the palace will also be affected.

During pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers develop a good habit of combining work and rest. Pregnant mothers should be appropriate outdoor and exercise, so that we can improve our body metabolism and help our fetus better pregnancy development.


When you are pregnant, you should develop your habits. Otherwise, as we have severe weight, pregnant mothers may become more and more lazy.

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