Pregnant women urine frequently

One of the obvious changes of the mother after pregnancy is to run the toilet frequently, especially the frequent urination phenomenon in early pregnancy.So what are the performances of pregnant women with frequent urination?

1. The number of urinations has increased significantly, and the number of urine during the day is significantly exceeded that the normal situation before pregnancy. The urine at night reaches 2 or more, and the interval between the urination may be within two hours.

2. There is no feeling of urgency, pain, burning, inexhaustible urination, back pain and other feelings during urination.

3. The color of the urine is normal, no turbidity, and hematuria symptoms.

After the baby is born, the frequent urination will be improved quickly.However, the frequent urination phenomenon will not disappear immediately. At this timeOnly can it be completely discharged.A few days later, the maternal urination will return to the normal state before pregnancy.This is a normal phenomenon. Moms do not need to worry or need extra treatment.

Another case is that if pregnant women feel urinary pain or burning sensation with urgency, endless urination, fever, low back pain, etc.Moom or blood symptoms.At this time, mothers have to doubt whether it is a urinary tract infection.This disease is still very common among pregnant women. If it is not effective, it may cause adverse consequences such as nephritis and premature birth. It may also occur at the same time.

The main symptoms are as follows, mothers pay attention to distinguish:

1. The number of urination times increases, significantly exceeds the normal number of times before pregnancy, and the number of nights is significantly increased.

2. In frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urination, burning, low back pain and other phenomena.

3. The urine is turbid, and the urine is accompanied by blood.

4. Thoughtful, greedy, and urine.

Pregnancy can cause some changes in the hormones in women’s bodies, bringing physical discomfort, such as frequent urination.The frequent urination phenomenon is generally obvious in the early stages of pregnancy and late pregnancy, especially in the later period.

· Changes in bladder pressure changes

The main reason is that the fetus is slowly growing, and the uterus is constantly becoming larger, resulting in a certain change in the position of the pelvic organs, which forces the bladder space to increase the pressure and increase the bladder capacity.The urine volume is very small, and it will also cause the pregnant woman to have urine, which will evolve into frequent urination.

· Light symptoms in the second trimester, the most serious in the third trimester

After the fourth month of pregnancy, because the pelvic cavity enters the abdominal cavity after the uterus, the pressure of the bladder gradually becomes smaller, so the symptoms of frequent urination will gradually decrease.In the late pregnancy, the pelvic cavity was re -compressed by the pelvic cavity because the gravity of the fetal head facing the subordinates facing the uterine to the pelvic cavity, causing the bladder pressure to grow bigger again, the phenomenon of frequent urination, and even a little force will occur.Urine exudes from the urethra, which is often called "urinary incontinence".


The occurrence of frequent urination in the third trimester may appear in the early stage of the pelvis. Once the expectant mothers need to go to the hospital for examination.

When frequent urination during pregnancy, it is not accompanied by dysuria, urination, and low back pain. At the same time, the urine is clear, the urine is not blood, and the urine test is not abnormal. At this moment, there is no need to worry, no treatment, and no impact on the fetus.However, if dysuria, urinary urination, low back pain, turbidity of urine blood, burning sensation, at this time, expectant mothers need to go to the hospital for examination. If it is not treated, it may cause adverse consequences such as nephritis and premature birth.

Normal urine phenomenon does not have any impact on the fetus, and if the pathological frequent frequent treatment, if it is not treated in time, it will cause adverse consequences of pregnant women and fetuses. Pregnant mothers need to pay close attention to distinguish and treat them in time.

1. First of all, pregnant mothers can often do anal shrinkage and enhance the tension and control of pelvic muscles. This can better control urination and prevent urinary incontinence.

2. Secondly, the amount of drinking water is usually controlled. Pregnant mothers should not drink too much water.

3. Furthermore, do not urinate during pregnancy, so as not to be excessive pressure and lesions.

4. Finally, eat less diuretic food during pregnancy, especially at night, such as: watermelon, corn beard, winter melon, etc.

If the symptoms of urethral infections occur, do not blindly take the medicine, you need to do medical treatment, and you need to follow the doctor’s advice to prevent adverse effects on the fetus.

During pregnancy, frequent urination and urinary incontinence may be produced. The uterus becomes larger during pregnancy, causing changes in the location of the pelvic cavity, the bladder pressure becomes larger and the capacity becomes smaller. Some pregnant women use force urine to flow out of the urethra.Therefore, expectant mothers with frequent urination during pregnancy can use sanitary pads in a timely manner to avoid embarrassing situations.

It is worth noting that expectant mothers must change the pads frequently during the use of sanitary pads to avoid breeding bacteria and causing infection.Of course, urinary incontinence is also avoided. Usually drinking water in moderation, eating less diuretic food, and doing more anal movement will help frequent urine prevention.

1. Drinking water should be controlled when the frequency of urine during pregnancy, avoiding a lot of water, and eating less diuretic objects.

2. Always do anal shrinkage, exercise the muscle tension of the bottom of the pot, effectively control urination, and avoid embarrassing situations.

3. Avoid lying posture, pregnant women try to lying as much as possible while sleeping to avoid supine. The supine posture will cause a certain pressure on the ureter to the ureter, and the side lying can reduce the pressure and prevent some urinary system diseases.

4. Do not urinate, and the long urine time will cause the bladder to lose elasticity, resulting in the inability to discharge urine and waste in the body, and it may cause uremia.

5. Using sanitary pads, the pregnant mother fails to urinate in time when urinating frequently, which will cause some embarrassing situations. Using pads can avoid embarrassment, but remember to change the pads in diligence, so as not to cause bacteria to cause infection.

1. Remember to use Chinese herbal medicines during pregnancy.Poria, winter melon, Kunbu, Zexie, front of car, corn beard, corn beard, Guanhua, Euphorbia, Gan Sui, Qianzi, loquat, mulberry leaves, mulberry grass and other Chinese herbal medicines need to be avoided to avoid aggravating frequent urination.

2. Levofloxacin tablets are used to treat frequent urination, but for pregnant women disabled, this medicine should also stop using this medicine during breastfeeding.Do not use sulfa ingredient drugs casually, which will have adverse effects on the fetus.

3. Do not blindly take medication when frequent urination, seek medical treatment in time, and use medicine to take medicine to avoid adverse consequences.

1. During the frequent urination of pregnancy, first pay attention to distinguish the nature of frequent urinary symptoms. Whether is urethral infection or normal frequent urination during pregnancy. Do not use it blindly.Considuous medical treatment in time to avoid adverse consequences.

2. Pay attention to diet and avoid diuretic foods, such as: watermelon, tea drinking, corn beard, Harry, winter melon, kelp and other foods.

3. Try not to urinate, you must go to the toilet when you have urine. Do not think of urinating if you are troublesome, otherwise you will regret it.

4. Do more anal reduction, strengthen control, better control urination, and avoid the occurrence of urinary incontinence.

5. When using sanitary products, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene. Do not be lazy. Replace underwear and pads to prevent bacterial infections.

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