Pregnant women should not drink milk every day and shout that the stomach is swollen, and there are better choices!

For pregnant women, it is not important to drink pure milk or yogurt. It is important to supplement the body from milk or yogurt.

In popular terms, black cats and white cats can catch mice as good cats.Whether it is milk or yogurt, as long as it meets the needs of pregnant women, it is good milk.First to compare the effect of two milk:

Milk is rich in calcium. In addition, the content of fat, protein, lactose, inorganic salt, and minerals is also rich.

Pregnant mothers need calcium supplementation throughout pregnancy, and 1.5 grams of calcium must be taken daily to meet the physical needs. Calcium in the pregnant mother’s body is transmitted to the fetus through the umbilical cord, which promotes the development of fetal bones.

If calcium intake is insufficient, pregnant women will have symptoms such as low blood calcium and convulsions of hands and feet.If the amount of calcium in the fetus is insufficient, chicken breasts, skull softening, rib beaded, and funnel brain occur after birth.

Yogurt was fermented by lactic acid bacteria and belongs to fermented milk.The taste is sweet and smooth and rich in nutrients.

1. The yogurt decomposes the lactose and protein of milk during fermentation, making the human body easier to digest and absorb.

2. Yogurt can promote gastric fluid secretion, promote gastric motility, and help gastrointestinal digestion.

3. acid performance inhibits the reproduction of corruption bacteria in the intestine, and weakens the toxins produced by corrupt bacteria in the intestine.

4. Improving the human body’s immune function, lactic acid bacteria can produce some substances that enhance immune function, which can improve human body immunity and prevent disease.Pregnant women are prone to constipation during pregnancy. Drinking yogurt can help relieve constipation while promoting absorption.

2. In terms of health effects, yogurt is better.It has the function of regulating immunity, preventing intestinal infection, and improving gastrointestinal function. It is a world -recognized healthy food.

3. From the perspective of digestion, for most people, milk is a kind of drink that is not easy to digest. After drinking in the morning, it can promote the digestion in the stomach after one day of exercise, but after drinking at night, there is no exercise to promote the stomach to promote the stomach.Intestinal motility, I often feel uncomfortable.Especially after pregnancy, pregnant women have also aggravated the load of the stomach. Many pregnant women have symptoms of indigestion.

4. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, milk may cause some people to get angry; many people have uncomfortable drinking milk belly. Relatively speaking, yogurt is suitable for most people and will not cause fire.As long as the yogurt is not too cold, you can drink it all year round.

In principle, yogurt has more obvious advantages than milk, and it is more suitable for pregnant women. Moms with poor gastrointestinal peristalsis during pregnancy recommend that if you drink milk uncomfortable, you can change drinking yogurt.

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