Pregnant women should eat less food

As a special population, pregnant women must not only pay attention to strengthening nutrition, eat some nutritious foods in moderation, but also pay great attention to dietary structure, diet, cooking, dietary hygiene, and food selection.Avoid food:

1. Pickled food:

Although this kind of food is delicious, it contains nitrite, phenylpang, etc., which is not good for the body.

2. Foods containing caffeine:

Coffee affects the human endocrine system, which can change the proportion of female and progesterone in women to a certain extent, thereby indirectly affecting the bed and development of fertilized eggs in the uterus.In addition, caffeine can also cause sympathetic nerve excitement, thereby accelerating heartbeat, rising blood pressure, and increased heart burden.

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3. Various "pollution" foods:

Try to choose fresh and natural foods to avoid foods with food additives, pigments, and preservatives.Fruits should be washed before eating to avoid pesticide residues.

4. Wine:

Alcohol is an important factor that causes fetal deformity and low intelligence.During pregnancy, pregnant women should be prohibited from drinking. Drinks and foods containing alcohol ingredients should not be eaten.

5. Too much sugar:

The metabolism of sugar in the human body consumes a lot of calcium, and the lack of calcium during pregnancy easily affects the development of fetal teeth and bones.Sugar is not the basic nutrients, and an excessive sugar intake will cause pregnant women to overweight.

6. MSG:

The ingredient of MSG is sodium glutamate. Eating too much can affect the absorption of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system.

What fruits can pregnant women eat

Fruit taste is delicious, and the fragrance is also very attractive. It is a healthy food that is popular with women.Fruits are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and the effects are different. If some fruits can cool down and prevent heat and protect the liver, some fruits can prevent constipation and relieve fatigue.EssenceStrictly speaking, pregnant women do not have fruit that cannot be eaten, but they need to pay attention to some fruits need to eat as little as possible during pregnancy, or pay attention to eating. Pregnant women must have a calculation.What fruits do pregnant women eat?

1. Persimmon.

In theory, pregnant women can eat persimmon, but if pregnant women eat unburreous persimmons, eat persimmons, persimmons, and crab, fish and shrimp, etc., it will cause adverse consequences.This is because the content of tannic acid in the immature persimmons is as high as 25%. A large amount of tannic acid enters the human stomach and will form "stomach stones" under the action of gastric acid;As a result, this problem can easily cause damage to the stomach of pregnant women. In addition, due to the high sugar content of persimmons, pregnant women need to strictly control the intake. Pregnant women with gestational diabetes should not eat persimmon.

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2. Durian.

Pregnant women should not take durians as nourishing foods a lot. This is because durian contains high calories. A large amount of eating can easily cause pregnant women to increase blood sugar, and the chance of giving birth to a huge child will be greatly improved.In addition, although durian is rich in cellulose, it will absorb water and swell when durian enters the human stomach. Too much consumption can easily cause constipation.And durian is warm, and it is easy to get angry when eating too much. Therefore, pregnant women who love durian must control the amount of food.

3. Hawthorn.

Many pregnant women like to eat sour food after pregnancy, and sometimes they want to eat hawthorn.However, pregnant women need to eat hawthorn with caution, because hawthorn has the effect of causing uterine shrinkage, especially for pregnant women with habitual abortion, natural abortion, and signs of signs. It is best not to eat it.In addition, if a healthy pregnant woman accidentally eat hawthorn, there is no problem if the amount is small. If the amount is large, it is best to see the doctor check the body to avoid accidents.

4. Guiyuan.

Guiyuan is a kind of nutritious fruit. Li Shizhen once recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Food is expensive with lychee, and capital is good for longan." It can be seen that the nutritional value of Guiyuan is high.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, although theoretically laurel has the effect of giving birth, after women are pregnant, most of them are virtually deficient, and yin deficiency is internal heat.Traditional Chinese medicine advocates that it should be cool before the fetus, and longan is fever. Therefore, in order to avoid possible accidents, pregnant women should eat longan.

In addition, pregnant women also need to pay attention to some fruits, although the effect of nourishing, pregnant women can eat, but to control the amount of food, the way to eat should be correct, so as not to eat too much or errors, but it is not conducive to physical health.

What can I not eat in the early stages of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy is an important period of embryonic bed development, and it is also a high incidence of abortion. Therefore, pregnant women need to be careful in life, especially in diet, pay more attention.The following foods need to eat cautiously:

1. Purslane.

Generally speaking, purslane is a plant for medicine. Purslane is both herbal medicine and can be used as vegetables. Its medicine is cold and smooth.Experiments have proved that purslane juice has a significant excitement on the uterus, which can increase the number of uterine contractions and increase strength.Therefore, in order to avoid accidents, it is best for pregnant women to eat less or not purslane.

2. Crab.

The crab tastes delicious, but its sex is cold. Eating too much at one time for ordinary people will also adversely affect the body. Pregnant women should eat crabs in moderation.Pregnant women in early pregnancy are recommended to try not to eat crabs; if it is a pregnant woman in the middle and late stages, it is best not to eat it. Even if you eat less, you should not eat crab feet.

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3, barley.

In some medical documents, the adverse effects that barley may have on pregnant women may be listed as a avoidance of food injury to the fetus; "Materia Medica" is listed as "for pregnant women";"Time Diseases" records that "the locust flowers of clear soup, ginger, longan, and dampness of the rice … are all kinds of tires, the easiest to invest, doctors are not disrespectful."Although there are no reports of abortion in pregnant women who have eaten barley rice, but for the sake of insurance, it is best for pregnant women to consider the doctor’s opinion and eat the right amount of barley.

Easy to ignore pregnant women’s diet taboos

In order to ensure that the fetus is healthy, most pregnant women pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy.However, some pregnant women are afraid of the lack of nutrition of intake, so they make up for them. They do not know that the excess nutrition of intake will cause adverse effects on their body and fetal development.Pregnant women need to arrange a reasonable diet during pregnancy. It is best to consult the opinions of nutritionists in advance to reasonably allocate various nutrient intake.Pregnant women need to avoid the following diet taboos:

1. Most pregnant women only eat white porridge pickles and white water noodles during the period when they are very powerful.However, the nutrition of these foods is limited. If there is no full nutrition and increased reserves during pregnancy, it may affect the nutritional supply of the fetus.

First of all, consider eating at least 150 grams of staple food, do not cause keto.Secondly, consider supplying sufficient water -soluble vitamins, especially B vitamins, because they have a small storage amount in the body, and the short -term supply is easy to lack.If the gastrointestinal and intestines can be accepted, drink some soy milk and yogurt, or drink some millet porridge, corn paste, and bubble -porn breakfast grain tablets, which are conducive to increasing the supply of B vitamins.Snacks can eat some fruits and dried fruits, and it is even better if you can supplement composite nutrients.

2. Women who were originally anemia were late during pregnancy and should start from pregnancy.Pregnant women with anemia during pregnancy In addition to increasing iron supply for diet, doctors must also consult a doctor to take iron supplements and pull up hemoglobin as soon as possible.

The later the anemia of pregnant women, the greater the impact of children’s intellectual development.Therefore, expectant mothers should eat more animal’s heart, kidneys, liver and poultry tweezers during pregnancy (under the premise of ensuring quarantine safety), as well as red lean meat, animal blood, etc.It is okay.

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3. Eat a lot of foods rich in calcium in order to supplement calcium.Because the body of a pregnant woman needs to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus, many pregnant women may have calcium deficiency symptoms after entering the second trimester.In order to prevent calcium deficiency from affecting fetal development, some pregnant women will eat a large amount of foods with high calcium content or take cod liver oil and calcium supplements.But blindly taking a large amount of cod liver oil and calcium is very unfavorable to the growth of the fetus in the body.

This is because long -term consumption of cod liver oil and calcium foods can cause loss of appetite, itching of the skin, hair loss, sensitivity, prominent eyeballs, insufficient blood glycryase, and vitamin C metabolic disorder.At the same time, the concentration of calcium in blood is too high, and muscle weakness, vomiting, and arrhythmia will occur. These are not good for fetal growth.

4. Eat a lot of foods rich in vitamins.In the human body, vitamins do not constitute tissues nor provide energy, which mainly plays the role of regulating metabolism.Therefore, there are not many demand daily, but it must not be lacking.If water -soluble vitamins are eaten too much, most of them will quickly discharge from urine, so it is not easy to cause poisoning; and liposuction vitamins can be stored in liver and adipose tissue because they can be excreted slowly.Accumulation, thereby producing various poisoning symptoms.

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