Pregnant women in summer, keep in mind that the fruits are "five don’t eat", not particular about it, it is good for fetal treasure

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Many subtropical fruits are listed in summer, and all kinds of good fruits can be seen in the streets and alleys, such as litchi, mango, durian, longan, yellow skin, plums, peaches.

There are really a lot of fruits that mothers can choose, and they are all seasonal.”Zero plan”

However, during pregnancy, the mother’s physical condition is special, and the fruits cannot be eaten randomly, otherwise it will affect the health of the fetal treasure.

It is not absolutely impossible to eat here, but try not to eat it. If it is really very nobble, you can eat less.

1. lychee

Recently, Lingnan litchi has been on the market. Litchi is a delicious fruit.

There are three hundred litchi in the sun, and they are not resigned as Lingnan people.

As soon as I rode a red dust, no one knew that it was lychee.

It also shows that Yang Guifei’s love for litchi at that time.

Litchi water is high, and it is really memorable.

Recently, CCTV News has suggested that adults have no more than 10 litchi intake a day, and children 5-6 per day, because eating too much is easy to get litchi disease, such as oral ulcer constipation, if it is eaten on an empty stomach, it will cause lowblood sugar.

Because the sugar content in litchi is relatively high, we did not pay attention to rinse after eating litchi, which can easily cause sugar to ferment in the mouth and cause oral problems.Because of the secretion of hormones, pregnant women are relatively prone to problems. If you eat litchi, it is more prone to gingivitis.

Coupled with the slow intestinal peristalsis of pregnant women, uterine compression is also prone to constipation.

So pregnant mothers try not to eat lychee as much as possible. Just eat three or five.

2. Durian

Durian is called the king of fruits.

Indeed, the various nutrients are very rich, durian’s water is not high, but the calories are relatively high. 100 grams of durian contains 147 kcal of calories, 2.6 grams of protein, 3.3 grams of fat, 28.3 grams of carbohydrates, and alsoThere are 1.7 grams of dietary fiber, 20 micrograms of carotene, 116.9 microphone, 2.28 mg of vitamin E, 27 grams of magnesium.

100 grams of rice is only 113 kcal of calories, that is, the calories of durian are higher than rice.

Moms often eat durian, which can easily lead to too much calories intake, cause obesity or even increase blood sugar.

Therefore, it is recommended not to eat durian as much as possible during pregnancy. If you want to eat, control it within 50 grams.

3. Mango

Summer is also the season when the mango is listed. The mangoes of various categories make many mothers love their mouths and can’t stop eating.

Mango is really sweet, but mango is a kind of food that is easy to be allergic. Some mothers are not easy to allergic to eating mango before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, because of changes in physical fitness, they may cause allergies.

It is recommended that mango eat as little as possible. If you really want to eat, eat a small amount first to see if there is any allergies. Once the pregnant woman is allergic, it will be more troublesome to deal with it.

Fourth, longan

Longan is also called Guiyuan.Longan’s carbohydrate content is also very high, that is, the sugar is relatively high, it tastes very sweet, and even when it is dry, it tastes as sweet as eating sugar.

After the sugar -high fruits will make the mother eat other foods, it will no longer want to eat other foods, affecting the intake of food.

Coupled with the high sugar intake during pregnancy, it is easy to cause the mother’s blood sugar to soar, which is not conducive to the health of fetal treasure.Pregnant mothers are too high in blood sugar, fetal baby is soaked in sugar water, growing and development is too fast, and it is easy to become huge children. After the birth of huge children, the body’s quality is relatively poor.

Five, pineapple

If pineapple is used for cooking, it is a good seasoning, especially to make meat with high -protein meat such as beef and shrimp.Because pineapple contains pineapple proteases, it can promote the softer of beef and make it easier for digestion and absorption.

However, if pineapple is eaten directly, it will also have the risk of allergies. The pregnant mother’s physique is more sensitive, so do not eat pineapple as much as possible.

Try not to eat the above 5 kinds of fruits. What fruits should pregnant women eat?It is highly recommended that apples, pear, begonia and other fruits.

It took 5 years in Europe and tracked 1,253 children and mothers to conduct a dietary survey during pregnancy and found that eating 4 apples per week during pregnancy, the probability of children with difficulty breathing, and a relatively low probability of asthma.

Because apples contain flavonoids and antioxidants.

Finland investigated 2441 children under 5 years old and found that if the mother was pregnant, less intake of apples, pears, and begonias would increase the risk of allergic asthma by 45%.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat an apple every day when they are pregnant, which is very helpful for children’s health.

Fruit only takes only half of the vegetables

Fruit is recommended to eat about half a catty every day. Vegetables eat more than one pound a day. After all, the fruits contain heat. If we eat too much fruit, it will easily gain weight and high blood sugar.Rinse your mouth after the fruit is eaten

Fruits will contain fructose. Pregnant mothers do not pay attention to rinse after eating fruit, which can easily lead to the growth rate of bacteria in the mouth and affect the health of the pregnant mother’s oral cavity.

Don’t take fruit as supper

Some mothers are ready to sleep, and they first have a fruit. Although the fruits are not as high as the energy of the rice, the fruit can also make people feel full. If you eat the fruit after eating the fruit, it will easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort to affect sleep.

Note in October more than in October, the child will be healthier after birth.

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