Pregnant women have become bigger since this month, not only eating more, but also these three reasons

Nana has reached the third trimester, and her belly is already considerable.Six months ago, she had been struggling with a flat stomach, that is, she was not growing. After 6 months, her belly was like a blanket balloon, and she drumped up and made her a little unexpected.She couldn’t figure it out. Although she had a little bit more, there were not too much. After 6 months of pregnancy, how could she grow so fast? Why?Is it normal?

I told her that it was indeed the case. When I was pregnant, I also found that my stomach grew very fast in the later period.After 6 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows fast, the fetus needs more nutrition, the pregnant mother’s appetite is better, eats more, and the amniotic fluid increases rapidly, so the belly will grow faster.

6 months is 24 weeks. From then on, the fetus has developed rapidly.Let’s take a look at the length and weight of the fetus and know how fast the fetus grows!

24 weeks: 30 cm long, weighing about 590g

25 weeks: 34 cm long, weighing about 680g

26 weeks: 35.5 cm long, weighing about 900g

27 weeks: 36.8 cm long, weighing more than 900g

28 weeks: 37.5 cm long, weighing about 1000g

29 weeks: 38 cm long, weighing about 1200g

30 weeks: 39 cm long, weighing about 1400g

Week 31: 40.6 cm long, weighing about 1500g

32 weeks: 42 cm long, weighing about 1700-2000g

33 weeks: 43 cm long, weighing about 2000g

34 weeks: 44.5 cm long, weighing about 2500g

35 weeks: 46 cm long, weighing about 2600g

36 weeks: 47 cm long, weighing about 2700g

37 weeks: 48 cm long, weighing about 2800g

38 weeks: 48 cm long, weighing about 2800-3000g

39 weeks: 50 cm long, weighing about 3000-3500g

It can be seen from this data that the fetus grows from 0 to 24 weeks to 590g. From 24 weeks to 39 weeks, the weight increased by 2410g-2910g, which is about 5 times before.The fetus grows up quickly in the stomach, and it is no wonder that the stomach grows faster.

1. The weight of the fetus is too fast, so the nutrition of demand is significantly increased.

2. The fetus develops rapidly and has more demand for iron and calcium.

3. Increased blood capacity of pregnant mothers and better appetite.

4. Pregnant mothers are easy to be hungry after eating, so they can’t control their diet.

Generally, in the middle and late pregnancy, nearly 1 catties of weight is increased every week.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, the amount of amniotic fluid is about 200ml.Since then, the amount of amniotic fluid has risen straight, reaching 1000ml of peak by 35 weeks.35 weeks increased by 800ml than the 24 weeks of amniotic fluid, which was 4 times the number of increases before 24 weeks.The amniotic fluid occupies a lot of space in the stomach, so the belly grows fast.

In short, after 6 months of pregnancy, the stomach grows quickly and is supported by clear data, so this is normal.The new second childboy mother, Career Hero, who used to be in the workplace, and the winner of Qingyun plan, won the original invitations of multiple platforms.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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