Pregnant women do not stop diarrhea, and do not listen to their family members to persuade milk powder to drink milk powder, causing a 3 -month -old baby to have a miscarriage

Specific mothers during pregnancy generally eat more nutritious foods, such as milk and meat, and some supplements. In terms of food selection, not only should they pay attention to nutrition and safety, but also pay attention to whether pregnant women have allergies to ingredients.If the diet causes diarrhea, it will not only be supplemented by nutrition, but it will even affect the baby’s health.

Yang Shuang and sister -in -law were pregnant at the same time. The family members were particularly good. They were busy preparing the birth of the babies.The father -in -law died early. The relationship between the Yang Shuang family and the sister -in -law was very close. She was a rural person. She had only one brother. She usually did not do business and did not worry about her family.The sister -in -law is a city in the city. The family conditions are good. Not only did she not look down on her, she also often tolerated her in many things. The two were as good as sisters.

After pregnancy, Yang Shuang’s mother received a lot of earth eggs from the countryside and sent her specifically. However, Yang Shuang felt that the soil eggs were outdated. Now pregnant women are now imported supplements, which is much better than earth eggs.When Yang Shuang went to the sister -in -law’s house before, she saw that all the Xunzi family sent high -end nutritional products and imported milk powder.The sister -in -law is usually very generous to Yang Shuang. When she saw her eyes, she divided her half of her milk powder for her.

When Yang Shuang was pregnant for 3 months, after taking the milk powder for a few days, he found that he was a little diarrhea, and then said with his sister -in -law. The sister -in -law remembered that he had seen it in the book. Some pregnant women would appearSymptoms of lactose are not tolerated. I thought it was likely to be this reason. I advised her not to eat milk powder anymore, and she was afraid that often diarrhea would not be good for the baby.At that time, Yang Shuang felt that he was a bitch, and just wanted to eat him alone, so he ignored the advice of Xunzi and continued to eat high -end milk powder sent by Xunzi.

After a few days, Yang Shuang’s diarrhea was getting worse and worse. Later, she saw red, and she suddenly panicked.At that time, her husband went out to work, and there was no one at home.When the neighbors of the door sent Yang Shuang to the hospital, the child had miscarriage. She cried in the hospital and was sad.After being diagnosed with doctors, Yang Shuang was caused by the frequent diarrhea caused by diarrhea.After knowing that Yang Shuang did not listen to advice to insisting on drinking milk, her husband was very angry and complained about Yang Shuangdao: "Why don’t you listen to the advice? Why bother to think of the kindness of the sister -in -law as a donkey and lungs, how can it hurt you!" YangDouble suddenly regret it.

Diarrhea during pregnancy is a problem that many expectant mothers need to pay special attention to, especially in improper diet, which is particularly easy to induce diarrhea. Pregnant women must pay attention to a light diet during pregnancy.Good diet plan.Other pregnant women who repeatedly have symptoms of diarrhea should also pay attention to whether there are chronic diseases. If diarrhea occurs, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid delaying the treatment period.

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