Pregnant women do not control the abortion of the mouth. Do not eat these 6 kinds of food during pregnancy. Be careful to hurt the fetus

Once a woman is pregnant, it becomes the key protection target of the family. I am afraid that a fetus who accidentally bumped into the abdomen will also need to pay attention to the way of taking care and protection.Precautions, if you want to do whatever you want before pregnancy, it will definitely hurt the baby in the belly. The most important thing is that you must control your mouth during pregnancy. Because the baby in the belly is very weak, you should not eat some things.

1. Excessive foods such as too cold and spicy

In fact, the spicy food does not have much impact on the pregnant woman itself, but he can induce other symptoms, because once you eat spicy food, it will cause pregnant women to constipation and even cause acute gastroenteritis.The baby’s health in the belly, so do not eat spicy food during pregnancy,

2. "garbage" snacks without nutritional value

These snacks of spicy bean -dried potatoes seem to have nothing, but pregnant women are not suitable for eating these things. They have more or less side effects for the human body, because many preservatives and additives are added, which will affect unknowingly affecting the unknowingly affected impact.The health of pregnant women’s body and fetus,

3. Various flavors of fruit juice and cola

The best drink is boiled water, but many Baoma likes to drink drinks. These colorful juice are actually coming out by flavors and chromosomes. For the body, it is harmful. Especially for pregnant women, do not drink it. Do not drink.

4. Various supplements with mixed fish and dragons

Some people eat various supplements during or confinement. Some relatives and friends also like to send some supplements to Baoma. They have good intentions, but things cannot be eaten randomly.After that, the fetus is prone to problems, resulting in production difficulties, and various supplements on the market are also mixed with fish and dragons, so it is better to eat more healthy and nutritious ordinary foods.

5. Smoke, alcohol, coffee

Some habits with my mother are very late, and I will drink a cup of coffee, or have the habit of drinking and smoking before. These bad habits during pregnancy should be quit. It is very important to maintain a good schedule.

6. High -heat fruits such as hawthorn, longan, durian

It ’s good to eat more fruits and vegetables, but some fruits need to eat less or do n’t eat, such as hawthorn, longan, durian, these fruits are high in calories.Do not eat the baby’s arrhythmia, there are some anti -season and immature fruits.

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