Pregnant women can’t eat the fetus. This method is very critical

In the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have various bad early pregnancy reactions, such as nausea and vomiting, gastrointestinal discomfort, and can not eat meals. While pregnant mothers are in physical discomfort, they are particularly worried about the fetus in the stomach.Will it be unhealthy?This is not just a pregnant mother who has just favored me. She has been pregnant for 10 weeks. She always feels uncomfortable stomach and stomach. She ca n’t eat it. It ’s uncomfortable to eat it.It is abuse of the fetus, which will definitely affect the healthy development of the fetus.She was so scared that she didn’t know what to do.

Early pregnancy is a period of embryonic development. The fetal development needs less nutrition. Generally, the mother’s storage is enough, but if the pregnant mother does not eat for a long time, it can easily lead to malnutrition.It is likely to affect the healthy development of the fetus when absorbing enough nutrition. Isn’t this the abuse of the fetus?Of course, if the pregnant mother’s body is particularly good, although they don’t eat much every meal, the nutrition in the mother’s body is enough for fetal development, then there is no such problem.

There is a friend who belongs to a bad appetite, nausea and vomiting, and not eaten much every day, but the kind of nutrition is sufficient.This friend was particularly serious in pregnancy. After eating and eating, he often vomited acid water. During the period, he went to the hospital for examination. The doctor could only tell her that after the vomitingMoms are all malnourished, and they will definitely cause adverse effects on the fetus. Then, friends go home and continue to eat according to the doctor’s requirements.Jack, but at the time of delivery, the fetal development is normal.My friend’s early pregnancy response was not eased until 4 months of pregnancy, and finally I could eat and not vomit. I still thought about taking this opportunity to eat more and replenished the previous thin. As a result, the doctor said that the fetus was too large.Let her control her diet, and then she can only dare to eat more sadly.This friend’s 38 -week -old baby, a little boy, 6.8 catties, eyebrows, big eyes, very loud, and developed very well.

When I was pregnant for 10 weeks, the embryo had developed into a small fetus, and the fetal development was a little faster, but the demand for nutrition would not be as much as later.If you eat too little, how can you meet the development of the fetus if you eat too little?Therefore, if you want the fetus to develop healthy, even if you vomit seriously, you have no appetite, you have to force yourself to eat it.Just like the "Zheng Yu Qiao Parenting Scripture-Fetal Volume" says: When pregnancy is sick, just spit out the mucus and acid water, and will not spit out all the food. The pregnant mother will absorb the corresponding nutrients as long as they eat., So nutritional imbalances are not serious.Therefore, when the pregnant mother is facing nausea and vomiting, there is no need to worry too much when there is no appetite. You can eat less and eat a few more meals without appetite.As long as you ensure that you have sufficient nutrition, the fetus will automatically ingest nutrition and develop healthy.

If you are too worried, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a physical examination to see if your health is deficient in calcium anemia. If the pregnant mother is malnourished, you must replenish nutrition in time.Just require it; if the pregnant mother is normal and has no malnutrition, then eat as usual, no need to make up.

In the end, "pregnant in October, once childbirth", during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will encounter various problems, nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy, cramps in the middle of pregnancy, and frequent pain in the urine in the late pregnancy.It is a normal pregnancy response. As a qualified pregnant mother, if you want the healthy fetal health, in addition to following the doctor’s order, you also need to eat healthy food and health, eat less meals, do not overeating, and provide suitable nutrition for the fetus to provide appropriate nutritional nutrition.Essence

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