Pregnant women are yang, take medicine or hard resistance?will it affect the baby?Common questions for medication during pregnancy

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Zhang Yujie, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beijing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital. For Omikon, the infection rate and symptoms of pregnant women are similar to ordinary people.Generally, it is better for three or four days, and recovery around five to seven days. Maternal mothers with basic diseases and chronic diseases may increase after infection.

Many female friends leave a message in the background for help, especially some pregnant mothers. Today I will give you a clear one at one time.So, what factors need to be considered during pregnancy?


If you accidentally get pregnant after taking medicine, does it affect the fetus?

The consequences of medication at different times during pregnancy are different.

① After the fertilization, 2 weeks (3 to 4 weeks of menopause)

It is safer, the effect of the drug is "all or nothing."Either there is no effect, or it has an impact that causes miscarriage.Therefore, when you don’t know if you are pregnant, you don’t have to worry too much, and you don’t have to do artificial abortion. It is recommended to consult a physician or pharmacist.

② 3 ~ 8 weeks after fertilization (that is, 5 ~ 10 weeks of menopause)

High -sensitivity period.Drugs can cause abnormality but not necessarily abortion naturally.It is not recommended to use health products and nourishing drugs during this period.

③ 8 weeks after fertilization to May (mid-pregnancy)

Middle -sensitive period.It is difficult to predict the impact of drugs.If there is a history of taking medicine, it is recommended to do a B -ultrasound examination in time to understand the growth and development of the fetus in a timely manner and eliminate malformations.

④ After fertilization in May (in the middle and late pregnancy)

Low sensitivity.During this period, the organs of the fetus were basically differentiated and continued to grow. The possibility of drug teratogenic was greatly reduced, but it may still affect the normal development of the fetus.


Is it safer to take Chinese medicine after pregnancy?

Many pregnant women think that Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are more natural and safe, and can be taken safely. In fact, the facts are endless.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are also divided into toxic and non -toxic, and may also cause abortion or teratogenic effects on pregnant women.And due to the complexity of proprietary Chinese medicine, the content of each component is unknown, and the lack of clinical research materials for medication for special groups. Therefore, pregnant women must take a cautious attitude when taking Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine, especially in the early pregnancy (the first March), let alone take it casuallyEssencePregnant women need to take non -toxic Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.


Coperly prepare for the new crown home

1. Reflection and town analgesics

Take TIPS:

1. Pregnant mothers or breasts, if the cause is unknown, it is recommended to consult the doctor to clarify the cause, weigh the advantages and disadvantages before taking the medicine.

2. Body temperature is not the only criterion for judging medication. If the body temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C, but when the physiological state and mental state are not good, you can also use antipyretics to relieve discomfort.

3. It is not recommended to eat with acetaminol and ibuprofen, or alternately.

2. Cough and phlegm medicine

Take a small TIPS:

1. It is not recommended to use cough and phlegm drugs by yourself, you should follow the doctor’s advice;

2. If the cough affects rest and diet, you can consult the doctor after taking medicine;

3. Based on pregnancy, carefully check the compound composition of cough and phlegm drugs.

3. Anti -allergic medicine

Take a small TIPS:

1. It is not recommended to use allergic drugs by yourself, you should follow the doctor’s advice;

2. Compound cold medicine may contain an ingredients of anti -allergic drugs. It is recommended not to be reused;

3. Avoid driving, mechanical operations, and operation precision instruments, because this type of medicine can cause trouble.

4. Tasting

Take a small TIPS:

1. Symptoms such as obvious weight loss, extreme fatigue, dry lips, dry skin, eye depression, and decreased urine output should be medical treatment in time to exclude other diseases caused by vomiting.

2. Try to avoid contact with the smell, food or additives that are easy to induce vomiting.

3. It is recommended to take composite vitamins 3 months before pregnancy, which can reduce the incidence of pregnancy spitting.


Principles of medication during pregnancy

1. It is not recommended to prepare Chinese medicine for pregnant mothers and breasts!For pregnant mothers and breasts, it is not recommended to prepare for the reciprocated cold medicine, and the drugs containing a single ingredient are selected.

2. Avoid combined medication by being able to take medicine alone. Drugs that can be more positive with conclusions do not need to be more new.

3. Maternal medication, be sure to choose correctly with the help of a doctor!IntersectionIf you have any discomfort in your body, you must go to the hospital in time!

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