Pregnant women are yang, can I take medicine?Bao Ma Yang, can you feed it?

Pregnant women are used as special groups,

How to care at home if infected with new coronal virus?

Will pregnant women affect the fetus?

Bao Ma Yang, can you feed it?


As for the concerns of these citizens,

The reporter interviewed

Obstetrics and gynecologists at Fujian Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

According to experts, according to a large number of clinical observations, there is no evidence that pregnant women infection with new coronal viruses will cause abortion or fetal development abnormalities, and the vertical spread of the palace caused by the new coronal virus infection is also very low.

Newborns after birth may infect the new coronal virus, but basically no new crown symptoms or symptoms are mild, and the risk of death is extremely low.

"Infection of the new crown virus is not a taboo for breastfeeding." Experts said that breast milk is the most ideal nutritional product for infants. It is recommended that baby breastfeeding is used 6 months before birth."At present, research has confirmed that no new coronal virus is found in her breast milk when it is suspected of infection with new coronal virus infection. Therefore, even if the mother is yang, breast milk is safe." She said.

However, the new coronal virus may be transmitted to the baby through the mother’s breastfeeding, coughing, or sneezing.Therefore, if "Mother Yang" wants to breastfeed, it is recommended to take the following measures to prevent infection: before contacting children or breast pumps, thoroughly clean your hands according to the "seven -step washing method", and at the same time wearing a mask (completely covering the face) and mask; it is recommendedAfter squeezing the milk out of the healthy people, it is fed to the baby; when the milk is extracted manually or mechanically, you must strictly abide by the cleanliness; if you want to feed them, you should avoid talking or coughing; if you cough or sneeze, change the mask immediately.

When pregnant women find that the new crown nucleic acid test is positive, don’t panic.If there is no fever and other discomfort symptoms, you can closely monitor at home, measure the body temperature for half an hour to ensure the regular schedule, and drink more water to accelerate metabolism. If there are symptoms such as high fever and cough, you can take antipyretics and cough medicines.Acetamin is generally preferred for acetaminol, and it is available throughout pregnancy.Cough drugs can be selected for Mashafen, but pay attention to the disable in early pregnancy, and the safety of taking it in the middle and late pregnancy is better.If you can not completely reduce fever after using an antipyretic medicine, or chest tightness, headache, accompanied by abnormal blood pressure or abnormal fetal movement, vaginal bleeding, etc., go to the hospital for treatment or examination in time.

During the epidemic, pregnant women and family members should pay close attention to the regulations of the maternity agencies and emergency management regulations. If necessary, they can call to contact the delivery institution and consult how to seek medical treatment.At present, various hospitals have set up a fixed place to conduct relevant inspections for the newly -positive pregnant maternal maternal.

Fuzhou Evening News reporter Zhu Danhua/Wen

Source: Fuzhou Evening News

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