Pregnant women are about to come, but her mother -in -law is blocked and eventually lost her fetus.

This is a family incident that happened in South Korea. Lulu (pseudonym) is a gentle and smart girl. She has known each other with her husband. She has been married for 5 years but has no children.Parents urged their grandson every day, but they did not want their children due to work, and did not start preparing for pregnancy until recently.

After a period of hard work, they were finally pregnant.Although Lulu has always maintained a good physical condition during his work, at 9 months of pregnancy, the doctor checked that the prefront of Lulu had to pay special attention to the fetal movement.

When Lulu reached the due date, the doctor found that the fetus was too large, and it was recommended that she had a caesarean section surgery.However, Lulu’s mother -in -law insisted that she had a better way.She found a fortune teller and said that Lulu could have a son in the first child, but she had to boil the expected date of 7 days before she could have a dragon in the people.Lulu does not believe this nonsense, but considering the feelings of her mother -in -law, Lulu does not want to angered her mother -in -law at the last moment. After all, she needs her to help take care of the confinement after giving birth, so she is still patient and did not go right away.Hospital.

However, late at night, Lulu felt the heat flowing out when he was sleeping, and he was surprised to find that he was red, and immediately asked her husband to send her to the hospital. As a result, he had bleed when he was sent to the hospital.After the doctor’s rescue, Lulu’s life was rescued, but the child was dead.

This tragedy made Lulu very sad, she could not forgive her mother -in -law’s behavior.She proposed a divorce and sued her mother -in -law to court.In court, Lulu told the whole process. She said that she had always endured the pressure and interference of her mother -in -law, but her mother -in -law did not respect her wishes, which led to this tragedy.She believes that her mother -in -law should bear some responsibility for this tragedy.

The court eventually made a judgment.The mother -in -law was sentenced to compensation to Lulu a certain economic loss and apologized to her.Lulu eventually left this unfortunate marriage, but she did not give up the right to pursue happiness.She restarted her life, and in the future, she would cherish her health and happiness more.

Through the story, Mother Tangyuan has something to say. In this story, it is not difficult to see that Lulu is not only under pressure and interference from her mother -in -law, but also restrained from social concepts.When facing the nonsense of her mother -in -law, she endured her wishes and did not go to the hospital in time, which eventually led to the unfortunateness of the child.This also reminds us that in the process of parenting, we must make decisions based on scientific medical knowledge, and do not be confused by some nonsense.

First of all, during the pregnancy preparation stage, the couple should pay attention to maintaining good health to avoid the impact of some bad habits and environmental pollution on the fetus.If you have infertility, you can go to the hospital for treatment in time.During pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for prenatal examinations to discover and deal with some problems in time, such as the prefix of the placenta and the large fetus.In the case of receiving doctors, choose the appropriate childbirth method, such as smooth delivery or caesarean section.Don’t listen to some nonsense, such as Mr. Fortune Treatment, Old ancestors, etc. These are superstitions and have no scientific basis.

Secondly, the relationship between family members is also a factor that cannot be ignored in the parenting process.Husbands and wives should understand and support each other, and jointly bear the responsibility and obligations of parenting.For the interference between parents and other relatives, they must express their wishes appropriately, and at the same time respect their views and feelings, and balance family relationships.If you encounter the interference of your mother -in -law in similar stories, communicate and solve it in time, and do not let it affect the physical and mental health of the pregnant woman and the safety of the fetus.

Finally, in the process of parenting, we must respect scientific medical knowledge, avoid blind obedience and superstition, and improve self -protection awareness.For some unclear issues, you can consult professionals and authoritative agencies to obtain correct information and suggestions.At the same time, we must also pay attention to your physical health and mental health, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and welcome the arrival of new life in the best state.

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