Pregnant woman "Yang" is a high fever ibuprofen or acetaminol?Detailed explanation of obstetrics and gynecologists

Source: Surging News

With the increase of the number of new crowns, the proportion of pregnant women infected the new crown is also increasing.How can pregnant women take medicine safely and reasonably during the infection?

In this regard, Hu Rong, a member of the Shanghai Female Physician Association Medical Science Science Committee and the chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that compared with ordinary people, the infection rate of Omikon is close to the general population.It is roughly the same. It is mainly manifested in fever, pain, nasal congestion, cough, and systemic muscle soreness. Usually it lasts for 3 to 7 days. Maternal women do not have to worry too much.

"Asymptomatic and mild pregnant women can monitor home monitoring, ensure regular work, drink more water, light healthy and healthy diet. If high fever needs to cause attention, high fever in the early pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion and birth defects.Hypertrophy, etc. Therefore, the body temperature continues to be higher than 38.5 ° C or the fever has obvious symptoms of discomfort. It is recommended to use drugs to reduce fever. "Hu Rong further stated that pregnant women need to pay attention to the choice of relief thermal analgesic drugs and cold medicines.Is it a composite preparation or a single component preparation. If it is a composite preparation, you need to pay attention to the composition table.

Hu Rong analyzes all kinds of drugs for pregnant women, for your reference:

1. For acetylphenol: It is the first choice for antipyretic analgesic during pregnancy.The starting time is generally 15-30 minutes after taking the medicine. If necessary, the medication can be repeatedly taken at 4-6 hours. The daily maximum dose does not exceed 2g.Note: For fever, it cannot be used as preventing fever.

2. ibuprofen: Do not act as the preferred heat -relieving analgesics during pregnancy.The use of the third trimester will be related to the premature closing of the fetal arterial tube and too little amniotic fluid. It is not recommended to use it after 30 weeks of pregnancy.The use of early pregnancy may be related to natural abortion and congenital malformations.Therefore, after 20-30 weeks of pregnancy, after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the fetus can be taken in the short term.

3. Pseudo ephedrine: It can effectively relieve nasal congestion, which is one of the common components of composite heat -relieving analgesic drugs.Due to insufficient safety research during pregnancy, no serious adverse reactions were found.Therefore, you can use it with caution. You can choose to use it when the fetus is greater than the disadvantages.

4. You Mishafin: It has a cough effect, and it is also one of the common composition of composite cold medicine.Its safety and use range are the same as the pseudohadium.

5. Other Chinese medicines: such as Houttuynia cordata, Shuanghuanglian, etc., can be taken appropriately.

Hu Rong reminded that if the following situations need to actively seek medical treatment: (1) fever: high fever continues; (2) systemic symptoms: severe chest tightness, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, etc. affect normal breathing, eating and sleep; (3)Other symptoms: abnormal fetal movement or signs before childbirth.

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