Pregnant mothers will experience flatulence trouble during pregnancy. How much do you know about these three reasons for the formation of flatulence?

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In the pregnancy, expectant mothers will have a series of pregnancy reactions with their pregnancy during pregnancy.Depending on the physical fitness of expectant mothers, there will be corresponding differences in pregnancy reactions.Liechia is a relatively common physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. It will cause great trouble to expectant mothers. The production of flatulence will make the expectant mother feel that there will always be bloating in the belly, as if the stomach is cold.Always feel that gas flows back and forth in the stomach.

With flatulence, the number of expectant mothers will also increase during pregnancy. The symptoms of this digestive system. The expectant mothers do not dare to use the drug to regulate the flatulence in the stomach because of the healthy development of the fetus.Drink more warm water and other methods to allow flatulence to circulate from the body.Generally, flatulence will appear in the early and in the middle of pregnancy. If the expectant mothers have a poor digestive system, flatulence will bother the expectant mothers for a longer time.How much do expectant mothers know about flatulence during pregnancy?

Endocrine hormones in the expectant mother during pregnancy will have a series of changes. These changes will be manifested in the pregnancy response and some parts of the body.For example, stomach acid, bloating, etc. during pregnancy during pregnancy, is produced under the action of endocrine hormone changes. During pregnancy, changes in melanin and a black fluff on the belly of the body of the expectant mother’s body are also increased or in the body.Conditioning in a reduction.During pregnancy, flatulence is also a physiological phenomenon produced by hormone endocrine in the body.

As the prospective mother’s belly gradually becomes larger, the fetus slowly develops in the stomach of the expectant mother. At this time, the expectant mother’s uterus is gradually growing as before.It will be squeezed to other body parts, and the stomach of the expectant mother will be squeezed.The efficiency of work efficiency will be greatly reduced when the gastrointestinal and intestines of expectant mothers are squeezed, gastrointestinal peristalsis will become slower, and the digestive system will have problems. After meals, the food will not be quickly digested, the gastroinates will produce gas and uterus.Squeezing the comparison, so that the flatulence will occur, and the expectant mother will feel uncomfortable.

Some expectant mothers have a poor physical digestive system before pregnancy. If the expectant mothers are plagued by gastrointestinal problems such as gastric acid, gastroenteritis, in the middle of pregnancy, the stages of the expectant mothers after flatulence, and the expectant mothers are in gastrointestinal problems.Under the induction, it will still be troubled by flatulence for a long time.At this time, expectant mothers should take care of their stomach problems, because only by conditioning the stomach and intestines as soon as possible, the trouble of flatulence will disappear. At this time, expectant mothers should use less food and more meals to reduce the pressure of the stomach and allow themselves to make themselves all over during pregnancy.Shu Chang, away from or alleviating the trouble of flatulence.

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