Pregnant mothers who have diarrhea during pregnancy can do not care.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mothers are not afraid of going to work, and they are not afraid of the wind and sun, but they are afraid of getting sick.Before you are pregnant, you can carry it by your own illness. If you do n’t take some medicine, there will be no big deal.But after pregnancy, once you get sick, you will make the pregnant mother nervous. If you do n’t dare to take medicine, you will be afraid that the child is not good for the fetus.If the pregnant mother has a diarrhea in the early stages of pregnancy, it is even more terrible because it may have a miscarriage.

1. Harm of diarrhea

First of all, diarrhea during pregnancy will hinder the body’s absorption of nutrition, resulting in the baby’s baby without sufficient nutrition.Secondly, when many people are diarrhea, they often "have a thousand miles". When the intestine is stimulated and starts to shrink, sometimes it causes uterine contraction.In the early pregnancy, the baby’s baby is very unstable, and the contraction when diarrhea can cause abortion of pregnant mothers.Therefore, if pregnant mothers have abdominal pain and diarrhea, they must go to the hospital as soon as possible to allow doctors to give treatment methods.

2. How to prevent diarrhea

1. Don’t eat cold things.A large part of the diarrhea of pregnant mothers is improper diet, especially in summer, when you see frozen watermelon and cool drinks, you can’t help but want to eat, you can’t control yourself.It is comfortable when eating, but it may be diarrhea after eating.Therefore, in summer, eat less cold things and eat as much stomach as possible.

2. Pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen.In addition to diet, the coldness of the abdomen is also a major cause of diarrhea. Therefore, in normal times, the abdomen must not be cold. Even in the hot summer and when I go to bed at night, remember to cover things on the stomach.

3. Pay attention to diet hygiene.In the early pregnancy, if you are unwell, do not want to cook in the kitchen, or go to restaurants with poor hygiene conditions.If you eat something that is not clean, you will have abdominal pain and diarrhea, and the food is poisoned. Each pregnant mother is threatened.

What should I do if diarrhea?

1. Do not take medicine without permission.Diagnosis is common. Many people have spare medicines, but pregnant mothers cannot take medicine at will.Go to the hospital in time to find out the reason for the diarrhea, and then let the doctor prescribe the right medicine, so that it will be good and minimize the danger.

2. Supplement water.When diarrhea, try to reduce the intake of food. You can eat some digestible liquid food first, and taboo foods that are too greasy and spicy to stomach stomach.Remember to put some salt in food to replenish the body and electrolyte.

The fetal baby during pregnancy is too fragile. Many pregnant mothers have no experience due to their first pregnancy, but in any case, if you have discomfort during pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Do not delay.

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