Pregnant mothers who are 9 months pregnant, leaving home after quarreling with her mother -in -law because of their housework, which is heartbroken.

Women not only suffer greater pressure on the body during pregnancy, but they are also very anxious.Due to the effect of progesterone, mothers during pregnancy are easy to fluctuate and are more sensitive.In many families, pregnant women are giant pandas in the family. No one dares to provoke pregnant women and take care of pregnant women everywhere.But some moms are not so lucky. Such a sad thing happened in a family in Fujian.

This pregnant mother has been out of home for two days. The family has been looking for no news, and the pregnant mother is 9 months pregnant, and the situation is very dangerous.It is reported that the reason why the pregnant mother ran away from home was that her mother -in -law got up early in the morning to do housework. She just asked her to wipe the glass again after dragging the ground.So the pregnant mother felt very aggrieved, and left home in one go.

It is reported that the pregnant mother has given up her third child. This is the fourth child. Her husband said that she had never quarreled with his wife, but his wife had left home because of other things.After the incident, the pregnant mother’s husband was still publishing some unknown circle of friends. Some of the behaviors of this family were simply puzzling, which not only felt that the pregnant mother’s departure must have suffered too much grievances on weekdays.In any case, the pregnant mother is very dangerous to hold her belly alone, hoping that she can reunite with her family as soon as possible.There are many precautions during pregnancy, and there are many things that cannot be done during pregnancy.

1. Be careful not to be too anxious

Many people will find that after pregnancy, many pregnant women have become bigger and bigger in addition to their stomachs.This cannot be blamed for mummy. This is because of the role of fetus and progesterone, which makes Mommy’s emotional fluctuations relatively large, and it is easy to feel anxiety and anger.At the same time, the pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy can also make mommy feel unwell.At this time, Mommy must pay attention not to let yourself be immersed in bad emotions. Bad emotions are not conducive to Mommy’s physical health or baby’s growth.

Mummy can listen to some light music and listen to light music. It is not only a good way to relax, but also as a baby’s prenatal education.Or choosing to walk outdoors, appropriate activities can promote blood circulation and help restore a comfortable mood.The troubles and minds of pregnant mothers can talk to Bao Da.At the same time, Dad Bao should accompany Bao Ma during pregnancy, and do not always blame Bao Ma.

2. Be careful not to overwork in life

Mommy is best to choose to rest at home after pregnancy.In addition, at home, the housework should not be allowed to do it. Some Baoma lived in the company for a day and had to do housework at home. It was really hard.Therefore, in terms of housework, Bao Dad should take a little more.If you work very busy, you can also choose to ask your aunt to help take care of Bao Mom.After all, Baoma is no longer alone, even Superman mothers can’t take into account so many tasks!

3. Don’t let bad living habits affect your baby

Many young Baoma, life is more casual.Many young people prefer to eat junk food, and they are relatively irregular. They sleep late at night.After pregnancy, you must develop a good habit of living. You must eat more nutritious fruits and fruits in the diet structure, and reasonably match the diet.After pregnancy, Mommy is best to go to bed early, so that the baby can grow fully, and do not watch TV and play mobile phones for a long time. These electronic equipment will generate radiation, which is not good for the baby’s growth.In addition, many newly -married couples are more loving, but the first three months after pregnancy and the last three months of husband and wife cannot do a house to prevent the baby’s abortion. Bao Da Baya must remember.

3. Do not eat irritating food

Mommy’s diet after pregnancy should be as light as possible.Many girls like spicy food, but after pregnancy, be careful not to eat too spicy food. In addition, it is best for mummy to not drink strong tea or coffee with higher concentrations.These foods are not conducive to the growth of the baby, and it will cause abortion seriously.After pregnancy, Mommy should pay more attention to diet. You can refer to some recipes on the Internet. If you do n’t know how to match your diet, you can consult a nutritionist.

Mommy found that she would usually be careful everywhere after pregnancy, but some mummy would be more Buddhist, and it felt unexpected would not happen to her.But whether it is a woman with good physical fitness, the physique after pregnancy will become weaker. The most important thing is that Mummy’s emotions will change.Therefore, Mommy must pay attention to her body during pregnancy and develop good living habits.Bao Da has more companions and care for mommy to drink his family. The support of family members will make Mommy more confident.

Netizens, how do you think of this family in the story?What do you think of Bao Ma had something to do during pregnancy?

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