Pregnant mother’s vulvar itching and cutting the liquid

Pregnancy was originally a beautiful thing, but the "unspeakable hidden" of the vulva itching made this joy discount.If it is vaginitis and the treatment is not timely, it may affect the fetus. Candida in the vagina can surge through the cervix, causing amnioticitis, and breaks water in advance and cause premature birth.Candida infection of Candida is easy to cause local rosary disease such as eyes and oral cavity.Itching of the vulva is "seeing a needle", but mothers can’t listen to it. For the health of herself and the baby, pregnant mothers must diagnose and treat them in time.

Causes of itching of pregnant mothers

Some vulvar itching during pregnancy is caused by mental factors, some are caused by external stimuli, and more are caused by the increase in vaginal secretions and local humid stimulation.In addition, due to changes in vaginal pH (pH), it is easy to promote fungal reproduction and form vaginitis.Sometimes it may also be due to the abnormal sugar metabolism, which cause itching of the genitals.

1. Vulvar itching caused by mental factors

Medical research has proved that after pregnancy, due to some changes in life, such as reduced or interruption of sexual intercourse, fear of pregnancy, insomnia, etc. often cause itching of the vulva.

2. Itching of the vulva caused by external stimuli

Due to too much sweat, humidity, and impregnation, expectant mothers can cause itching; if they wear hard underwear or some expectant mothers are allergic to certain chemical fiber panties, they can also cause itching.

3. Itching of vulva caused by vaginal inflammation

Vulvar itching is the main symptoms of mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis and other diseases.

(1) Bacterial vaginitis:

The vulva, vaginal itching, and vulva are red, with bean residue -like lack, with odor. After scratching, it can cause vulva dermatitis and eczema.

(2) Toxy vaginitis:

Itching of the vulva, foam -like leucorrhea, is often accompanied by a special odor. After scratching, it also changes eczema of dermatitis in the vulva.Making vaginal secretions can be different from the above disease.

(3) Drug allergies:

"Fixed drug rashes" caused by sulfa or other drugs with allergic constitutions often occur at the junction of the skin mucosa of the vulva. In addition to local itching, it can cause erosion and leakage.The vaginal rinse of the vagina or the internal entry of the vagina can also occur in vulvar itching if allergic reactions and contact dermatitis.

(4) Disease disease of the vulva:

The local itching caused by eczema and neurodermatitis in the vulva is even more intense. The former manifested as pimples and erosion osmotic fluid with local skin boundaries.In addition to local itching of white spots in the vulva, it is often accompanied by malnutrition of vulva and skin atrophy.

(5) Virus infection:

Most of the condyloma acuminatum occurred in the female vaginal wall, cervix mouth and vulva, and vulnerable leucorrhea also appeared.Infectious slot warts that occur in the vulva are mostly manifested as round pimples with umbilical nest -like depression in the center, which can also cause itching of the vulva.

(6) Other reasons:

When women suffer from diabetes, due to the stimulation of urine sugar on the skin of the vulva, they are prone to poisonous vulvar and vaginitis, causing itching of the vulva.When jaundice with hepatobiliary and other diseases, due to the increased redness of the blood in the blood, it can also cause vulvar itching.

How to treat vulvar itching

The cause of vulvar itching is different, and the treatment methods are different.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to use the vulva washing solution without a doctor’s guidance to avoid affecting the development of the fetus.

Specific mothers must develop good personal health habits in order to effectively prevent vulvar itching. Please do the following details in daily life:

1. Choose cotton pregnant women’s underwear. Do not wear tight or non -fit panties and change them frequently.

2. Keep the vulva clean and dry without scalding with hot water, and scrub without soap.Do not use women’s sanitary spray, fragrance or soap with deodorizing function.

3. After going to the toilet, wipe it back to back.No pads or toilet paper with fragrance.

4. Avoid scratching and local friction.

5. Avoid spicy food, do not eat seafood, etc. and easily cause allergies.

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