Pregnant mothers’ schedules, babies have benefited a lot

do you know?The fetus also has its own biological clock, but most of them are also affected by the mother.The mother’s schedule is normal, and the baby’s sleep after birth is often very good; the mother’s schedule is disordered, and the baby’s schedule will be disrupted.

The fetus is 16-17 weeks in Baoma’s belly, and each organs are beginning to be active.At 34-35 weeks of the fetus, the fetus can distinguish during the day and night, excitement during the day, and quiet at night.And only the law of Bao Ma can make the fetus’s schedule more regular

The impact of the rules of scouts on the fetus

The mother with a regular schedule, the fetus is healthier than a mother who does not have a good job, has a better mental state, and it is easy to cultivate good sleep habits.

Irregular impact on the fetus on the fetus

The irregular schedule will lead to low immunity and resistance of the mother, inadequate physical and mental state, and will also affect the fetal development in the belly, especially in the formation of the formation of the early fetal organs.

How to improve the quality of fetal sleep

1. Reject noisy environment

After the fetus, the auditory system gradually develops after June-July.When the fetus sleeps, Baoma is in a noisy environment that will seriously affect the fetal sleep and even unable to fall asleep.

2. Drink less water before going to bed

The development of the fetus accompanied by the increase of the uterus, and the mother is prone to frequent urination.During sleep frequently, the night will affect Bao Ma’s sleep, and the fetus in the belly will be implicated.

3. Don’t be too tight in clothing

The fetus grows in the belly, and the mother’s belly will become larger. At this time, you need to focus on choosing a suitable figure on the clothes. Tighter clothes will oppress the fetus in the belly.

Pregnant mother’s sleeping tricks

1. Moderate exercise

Exercise properly during the day will help Baoma fall asleep at night.The amount of activity of the daytime exercise is to activate Bao Ma’s body, reduce stress, and restore physical strength at night, which can also improve sleep quality.

2. Arrange lunch time

After noon, you can improve Bao Ma’s energy and improve physical mental state.It is recommended to sleep 1-2 times during the day, 25-30 minutes each time.

3. Pay attention to drinking water

In the morning, Baoma can drink more water, and drink less water at night and before going to bed to prevent frequent urination.

4. Forbidden mobile phone before bedtime

Playing mobile phones before going to bed can cause Bao Ma to be active and difficult to fall asleep.

5. Keep a comfortable sleeping position

Most Baoma learned that the sleeping position in pregnancy should be left on the left, so she would deliberately change to this sleeping posture when she was sleeping.However, it should be noted that some of the Bao moms in the right -handed uterus will feel uncomfortable and even difficult to fall asleep.Therefore, for Baoma, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s advice to choose a sleeping position that suits you comfortably, which is good for the sleep quality of yourself and the fetus.

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