Pregnant mother’s notice!Top 10 taboos after pregnancy

Many expectant mothers have gradually paid attention to all aspects of dietary medicine in life before starting pregnancy plan. I hope that in October, she will be produced smoothly in October, and the child is healthy and smart. So how can expectant mothers care about herself during pregnancy, and what are the things that are not suitable for drinking or contacting.Intersection

Top Ten Taboo

1. Should not take too much medicine

Although some drugs are harmless to adults, they can cause malformations in the fetus in the abdomen of pregnant women, such as Liming Ning, stable, benzene sodium, hormone drugs, anti -tumor, antiepileptic, anti -thyroid drugs, and blood glucose drugs.For pregnant women’s medication, many drugs can pass the placenta to enter the gybal body, and whether the drugs that enter the carcass will affect the fetus and how much influence the fetus.The factors are related.Taking the time of medication as an example, if the formation of fetal organs at 4-6 weeks of pregnancy is often the most susceptible to teratogenic.Generally speaking, the earlier the medication time, the longer the continuous medication time, and the greater the amount of dosage, the greater the harm.

Second, should not eat more vinegar

Too much vinegar and acidic foods are one of the culprits that cause terators.Especially about half a month of pregnancy, a large amount of acidic food can reduce alkali in the body and cause fatigue and weakness.The long -term acidic constitution not only causes the mother to suffer from certain diseases, the most important thing is to affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and even cause fetal malformation.

Third, should not drink excessive drinks

Because some beverages contain 2.4%-2.6%caffeine, Cola Ning and other alkaloids, pregnant women will have poisoning symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and acceleration of heartbeat, which will affect the normal development of important organs such as fetal brain, heart, and liver.As a result of congenital disease after birth.

Fourth, not to smoke

Tobacco contains more than 400 harmful compounds, of which nicotine is the culprit.Pregnant women inhaled or live and work in a smoke environment can cause abortion, premature birth, dysplasia, and even deformity, such as congenital heart disease, lip -free, cleft palate, brain deformed, etc.It is also higher than that of non -smoking pregnant women.Smoking or passive smoking after pregnancy can delay the development of the fetus, and can also cause miscarriage, premature birth, and death.

5. It should not eat hot seasoning

After pregnancy, hot spices such as cumin, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, and spiced powder, as well as hot foods such as fried and fried, can easily consume intestinal moisture, reduce gastrointestinal glandular secretion, and cause constipation.After the constipation occurs, the pregnant woman’s bowel movement is increased, which increases the abdominal pressure, compress the fetus in the uterus, and can easily cause adverse consequences such as fetal movement, fetal development, premature amniotic fluid break, natural abortion, and premature birth.

6. It is not advisable to drink strong tea coffee

Strong tea and coffee have an exciting effect, which can stimulate the number of fetal movements and even endanger the growth and development of the fetus.In the animal experiments of drugs to fetuses to fetuses, caffeine found that caffeine can cause small animal malformations.

Seven, should not be exposed to toxic chemicals

Excessive contact with detergent can easily cause miscarriage and attract attention.Radiation, isotopes, chemical industrial poison such as benzene, chloride, nitrosamine, lead, and toxic pesticides have teratogenic effects.Pregnant women engaged in chemical production or contact with toxic chemicals should be changed as much as possible.Rural pregnant women should not spray pesticides.

8. It should not be emotional

From a psychological point of view, the entire environment of pregnant women is related to the fetus. The fetal environment should include the mental state of the pregnant woman, the family living environment, and physical and mental health.If the mother is often in a strong voice stimulating the environment, it can lead to excessive movement of the fetus and hinder the development of the fetus.The emotions of pregnant women play a great pregnancy effect on the development of the fetus, and emotional disorders, sorrows, and panic can easily cause various complications.For example, the anxiety of pregnant women can make the baby more moved, angry, and crying after birth.The length of the couple’s quarrel can affect the development of the fetus’s cheekbone and the closes.

Nine, it is not advisable to eat more hawthorn

Modern medical research has confirmed that hawthorn has a shrinking effect on women’s uterus. If pregnant women eat a large amount of hawthorn and their products, it will stimulate uterine contraction and seriously lead to abortion.It is precisely because of this expectant mother must take care of herself during pregnancy and let themselves be fully guaranteed

10. Not checked before delivery

Preparatory examinations can be detected and prevented of diseases early, and pregnant women are healthy.After pregnancy, in order to adapt to the growth and development of the fetus, a series of changes have occurred in various organs of the mother. These changes can be physiological or pathological.If the mother is pregnant, it will merge important organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, and lungs, and may endanger mother and child health and even life.Preparatory examinations can be found for early and early abnormalities, termination of pregnancy in a timely manner, and you can also understand whether the fetal growth and development of the fetus are normal, and give pregnant women in a timely manner for life, hygiene, and health care.Early pregnancy checks can prevent genetic diseases, especially for older pregnant women, and should be checked early.It should be checked once a month from 3 months of pregnancy.

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