Pregnant mothers in October, 9 B -ultrasounds let you see, the baby is slowly growing up

In the past, the B -ultrasound was not popular enough for the B -ultrasound, and many of the pregnant expectant mothers had never done a production inspection at all. If you want to see the child, you can only wait until the child is born.

Nowadays, expectant mothers will often encounter doctors to issue B -ultrasound examinations during the birth of the birth. Each time the B -ultrasound will look at different fetal baby, this B -ultrasound is the baby.The "photos" in the uterus grow.

1-9 months of pregnancy, what exactly is the appearance of the B-ultrasound?

One month of pregnancy

In general, the first month of pregnancy is calculated from the last menstrual period of women. One month of pregnancy is the stage of fertilized eggs. Usually, expectant mothers realize the possibility of pregnancy.Baseball, urine test or blood test to confirm that you are pregnant.

The baby at this stage can only be called fertilized eggs or embryos.Doctors generally do not issue a B -ultrasound. Even if the pregnant mother requires B -ultrasound, it can generally only be seen that the pregnancy sac can be seen, and there is no fetal heart and fetal buds.

2 months pregnant

At 5-8 weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs began to differentiate into embryos, and various organs began to differentiate. Through B-ultrasound, you can see tire buds, fetal hearts, detection of gestational sac size, etc. By 8 weeks of pregnancy, the hands, feet, feet, feet, feet, feet, feet, and feet of the embryo can be seen.Eyes and ears have been formed, looking like a small hippocampus dragging from B -ultrasound.

3 months pregnant

The head of the fetus slowly grows, the neck becomes longer, the external genitals begin to differentiate, and the eyes have moved to the front of the head. It has begun to have a human appearance. It has been riding the title of "embryo" and can be called the fetus.At the time of 12 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will issue a B -ultrasound, eliminate abnormal pregnancy, confirm the intrauterine pregnancy, and establish a periopec in the fence.

4 months pregnant

From the fourth month of pregnancy, expectant mothers have entered the middle of pregnancy. At this time, the skeleton of the fetus develops rapidly, the joints of the limbs are formed, and the leg length began to exceed the length of the arm.You can feel the fetal movement.You can see the gender of the fetus directly through the B -ultrasound.

5 months pregnant

At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mothers has begun to take shape, which is often called "showing". Most people can clearly see that they are pregnant. Expectant mothers can feel the fetus in the abdomen.Through B -ultrasound, we can see that there are more amniotic fluid in the uterus, the fetal size is moderate, and the organs of the fetus are clearly visible.

6 months pregnant

After 25 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will start a B -ultrasound for a major discharge, which is a major examination in the second trimester.At present, the most advanced four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound can intuitively see the actual appearance of the baby. Specific mothers and prospective dads can choose to leave the baby’s first color photo at this time.At this time, the fetal skin is full of wrinkles and looks covered with a layer of substance. This is a fetal fat that protects the fetal skin from amniotic fluid.

7 months pregnant

About 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers will bid farewell to comfortable pregnancy.Because at this time, the fetus grows grows, and the length may exceed 35 cm, and the weight of 900-1300g may be developed. The vision of the fetus begins to develop. You can feel the light, the ears and the brain connect, and you can hear the sound of the outside world.B -ultrasound can see the degree of organs of the fetus, the degree of organs of the fetus.

8 months pregnant

About 32 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s limbs are more complete, and expectant mothers can also feel very powerful fetal movements.Through the B -ultrasound, you can see the perfect little feet, and the fetal skin is no longer full of wrinkles, but gradually plump.

9 months pregnant

For 36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus in the B ultrasound is already a complete human baby. Through the B -ultrasound, you can see that the fetus will make a smile and nasty expression.luster.At about 38 weeks, the doctor will also start a B -ultrasound to evaluate the placenta level and prepare for the baby’s birth at any time.

In October, once in childbirth, every family was greeted by expectations and joy, and the development of the fetus was a dynamic change process.

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