Pregnant mothers have these three physical changes, indicating that the fetus has developed into "long -term", don’t be afraid of hard work

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Many women are mothers for the first time, and they are very careful in everything. Sometimes face the symptoms of physical discomfort, they are worried about whether there is something wrong with the baby.

In fact, some pregnant mothers are uncomfortable, which exactly indicates that the baby’s baby has entered a "long -term". Don’t be afraid of hard work. You should be happy.

频No.1 frequent urine

Surprising time: probably from the second month of pregnancy

When women are pregnant, the level of hormone secretion in the body will change greatly, and the metabolites of the mother’s body will increase after pregnancy, and the baby’s metabolites need to be discharged through the mother’s body, which increases the workload of the kidney.

In the early pregnancy, the uterus suddenly increased, which would also decrease to the bladder, which caused a lot of urination and endless urination.

Common manifestations: The number of urinations during the day is more than 7 times, and more than 2 times in the evening. The interval is shortened and the urine color is normal.

The growth of baby baby: At this time, the baby’s baby entered the first long -term, TA’s brain tissue was slowly forming, and the organs of the body were differentiated.

It is no longer the initial fetal buds and fetal hearts.The expectant mothers have this performance, indicating that the baby is developing rapidly, so be careful not to urinate.

时 NO.2 breathing shortness when walking

Something time: more than 5 months of pregnancy

After May pregnancy, as the uterus increases, the diaphragm will cause some compression in the direction of the thoracic cavity, causing narrowing the chest cavity, and the gradually narrowing the space of the lung dilation, so the phenomenon of breathing rapidness will occur.

In addition, the expectant mothers breathe two people to absorb, and the oxygen content required for her body is relatively high, so many pregnant mothers always want to breathe quickly.

Common manifestations: Many expectant mothers said that after entering this period of time, they often feel breathing when they walk, and sometimes they can breathe phenomenon when they slow down.

The growth of baby baby: The second is long -term. At this stage, the baby’s baby grows rapidly and changes obviously. It will not only swallow amniotic fluid, but also circulate and absorb.The female baby’s uterus and fallopian tube have been developed, and the male baby’s reproductive industry has taken shape.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is about 13 ~ 15 cm tall and weighs 250 grams.The baby is developing rapidly. At this stage, mothers must guarantee sufficient nutrition.

The shortness of breath of pregnant women is normal. When this change occurs, first appropriately reduce the amount of activity. After the body slowly adapts to the body, then recover as usual, and walk more in a place with fresh air.

感No.3 times of fatigue

Something time: 7 months of pregnancy

The baby’s baby ushered in the third long -term development. At this time, the mother’s belly was relatively large, and the growth rate increased significantly.The mothers are more inconvenient to act, and "holding" the big belly every day is also very hard.

Common manifestations: Pregnant women will feel tired, and edema will occur at this time, and many expectant mothers’ feet and legs will swell.

Growth of baby baby: In the last week of July pregnancy, the fetal weight can reach 1100 grams to 1400 grams, almost full of the entire uterus.The eyes can be opened and closed, and you can suck your fingers, and sometimes you like to turn over.

Although exhausted, I thought that the baby was developing rapidly, and it was not far from the day of unloading.The prospective mother still has to insist on exercise, and the body is bulky and especially careful.Controlled the weight reasonably, but to eat.

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Pregnancy is a difficult journey and a happy journey.Different changes in the body at each stage, understand the knowledge of pregnancy in advance, so as to do it.

Pay attention to the changes of yourself and the fetus, adjust your mentality, and actively respond. In the end, you can greeted the baby’s advent healthily and safely, and take your pregnancy!

[Today’s Topic] Everyone, the above three changes, which stage are you in?

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