Pregnant mothers have these three feelings, indicating that the fetal treasure is "hungry", and he protests if he doesn’t eat anymore.

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The current young people are generally the habit of "night owls". They are drowsy during the day and have a hundred times spirit at night. This upside -down life makes them directly lead to breakfast in the morning to become "brunch"" ".Although many people are used to this "brunch" situation, for pregnant mothers, they must not have this idea. Even if they are not for themselves, they must think about the baby in the stomach.So, what are the dangers of pregnant mothers and fetal treasures on time?

After pregnancy, the fetus is urgently needed for nutrition. If the pregnant mother eats less meals, it will be provided to the baby with a less nutrition of meals. A meal may not have much impact, but often do not eat on time on time., It is bound to affect the nutritional supply of fetal treasure, it is likely to cause symptoms such as poor development and delay in development, and it will also affect the baby’s body after birth.occur.

1. Stomach disease.Pregnant mothers do not eat on time, which will also cause a series of gastric diseases. If the stomach is continuing to be hungry, it will stimulate gastric acid secretion. Excessive gastric acid secretion will corrode gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain, gastric acid, gastritis and other stomachs.disease.

2. Extruded constipation.Pregnant mothers do not eat on time, and may increase the constipation of pregnant mothers.After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body and the squeeze of the uterus, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract will be significantly weakened, and the pregnant mother will easily cause constipation. If the pregnant mother does not eat on time, there is no food in the intestine to digest, the digestive system can be digested, and the digestive systemThe sensitivity will be reduced, so the constipation will be more serious.

3. Treatment of hypoglycemia.Pregnant mothers are weaker than ordinary people. They need more nutritional supplements. Pregnant mothers do not eat on time for a long time, they will prone to hypoglycemia. They often dizziness, nausea, and uncomfortable.The possibility of miscarriage in the early pregnancy.

Among the pregnant mothers in the hospital, there are a lot of such situations. Yesterday, Lao Miao had a case of such a case: Ms. Qian, a pregnant mother, has been working overtime in the near future, and she is irregular to eat.I have never eaten. Ms. Qian feels dizzy and uncomfortable, and her fetal movement is particularly frequent. She hurried to the hospital and hung the emergency department. After the doctor’s examination, she confirmed that because Ms. Qian did not eat on time, it caused some hypoglycemia, so she was dizzy.As for the frequent fetal movement, because the fetus is "hungry", the pregnant mother does not have excess energy to the fetus, so the fetus uses the fetal movement to remind the pregnant mother to eat.

Speaking of which, some people are puzzled. Can the fetus feel "hungry" in the mother’s belly?The answer is yes. There is a very close connection between the pregnant mother and the fetus. If the pregnant mother does not eat on time, the fetus will not get the nutritional supplement at the pregnant mother, he will feel "hungry", and will go towards it, and will go towards it.The pregnant mother sent a signal to let the mother eat quickly.

If the pregnant mother has the following feelings, it means that the fetal treasure is "hungry", and it will affect the development of the fetus without eating.

1. Pregnant mothers are so hungry

Pregnant mothers are often used by one person to eat two people, and the fetus will directly absorb nutrients through the umbilical cord to provide their own growth and development.If the pregnant mother feels that she is particularly easy to be hungry, it means that the fetus is developing rapidly, and a large amount of energy and nutrients are urgently needed, which means that the energy stored in the pregnant mother has been consumed.The fetus provides sufficient energy sources to ensure the normal development of the fetus.

2. The fetal treasure suddenly becomes quiet

If the fetus is in the most active time period, and suddenly it becomes quiet, it may be that the energy of the fetal treasure is consumed. Without energy, there is no effort to move to move and toss the mother.At this time, pregnant mothers should hurry up to supplement nutrition, but do not think about waiting for a while, so that the fetal treasure will affect the development of fetal treasure because there is no energy.

3. Frequent fetal movement

Like the quiet movement, the frequent fetal movement also shows that the fetal treasure is hungry, especially when the meal is meal, the fetal treasure will punch and kick the pregnant mother to eat in the mother’s belly.Especially for breakfast, after a night of sleep, the energy in the body of the pregnant mother has been consumed, and the energy supplement needs the energy.The fetal movement came to wake up the pregnant mother and told her that she was "hungry."

Therefore, pregnant mothers must eat on time, not to be hungry, but also develop good eating habits, do not picky eaters, anorexia, try to be nutritious and provide enough energy for the baby.However, with the increase of the pregnancy weeks, the fetal treasure grows longer. In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus will cause a lot of oppression to the digestive organs of the pregnant mother. Many pregnant mothers will have symptoms such as loss of appetite and anorexia.Normal phenomenon during pregnancy.Because the fetus is growing, it is necessary to eat more for pregnant mothers to supplement energy consumption.Therefore, pregnant mothers also need to overcome the situation of loss of appetite and work hard to eat. Pregnant mothers can also choose to eat less meals. In this way, they can not only ensure the supplement of nutrition, and make the pregnant mother less hard.

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