Pregnant mothers have hair removal in summer, which part cannot be moved?Careful care can protect yourself and your baby

As soon as the summer arrives, all kinds of hair removal cream, laser hair removal, and permanent hair removal advertisement blooms again.

Some people even have hair removal in the privacy parts. Don’t ask me how to know. As a doctor, several days have been diagnosed with several diagnosis because of this inflammation.

A deprivorous bacteria are seriously disagreed, and the study of international STD & AIDS magazines shows that pubic hair hair removal can increase the opportunity of STD (sexually transmitted diseases), which will also affect the protection of skin membranes and make bacteria more likely to enter the human body.

The American Obstetrics and Gynecological Magazine Research Report also pointed out that due to pubic hair, mild vulva may occur.

So, you can try on your legs or your husband, and don’t use it yourself.

I know that this day is too hot, you have to have a big belly, it is really uncomfortable. Coupled with this special period during pregnancy, the secretions increase and the underwear is always wet.Essence

In severe cases, many obstetric complications can also be caused, such as: premature birth, natural miscarriage, premature fetal membrane breakdown, postpartum endometritis, etc.

Moreover, whether it is based on data or outpatient experience for so many years, I know that many pregnant mothers are being tortured:

● Bacterial vaginitis: According to statistics from the National Institute of Health, about 1/5 pregnant women will develop bacterial vaginitis.(About 10%to 50%of patients with this disease have no clinical symptoms)

● Out -vaginal fake silk yeast disease: Due to the excessive growth of Candida, yeast infection is more common than other times, especially in 2 to 3 months before pregnancy.

● Trichomonas vaginitis: According to the estimation of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), 7.4 million new cases are estimated each year.This disease is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse, and it can also be transmitted through contaminated pots, clothing, bath pools, and sitting toilets.

In the face of such a powerful enemy, what can pregnant mothers do in daily life to do the correct care of the private parts to avoid infection?

How to wash

1. It is best to use a shower. If there is no shower condition, you can use a basin instead, but the special basin is dedicated.Wash the pots before use, dry or dry in the ventilation after use.

2. Wash with warm water and water, do not use hot water, and try to use the solution as little as possible.

3. Wash your hands before washing. If your hand is not clean, you will bring the germs on your hand to the perineum.

4. Wash the vulva from front to back after washing your hands, then wash the large, labia minora, and finally wash the anus and the anus.

5. After the stool, try it with a hand paper from the front to the back, and wash or rinse the anus with warm water, so as not to pass the anal bacteria to the vagina and urethra.

What do you usually pay attention to

1. Select woven fabrics, or at least the bottom is cotton, soft, loose underwear.The underwear is pressed and washing diligently. Do not let the underwear overnight, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and increase the difficulty of cleaning. After washing, you should put it under the sun after washing.

2. Use less fragrance, color cotton, pads, and toilet paper. For a long time, the secretions can be used with absorption effects to ensure that the genitals are dry, but pay attention to time and change them frequently to avoid infection.

3. If infected with vaginal disease during pregnancy, follow the doctor’s advice and take the medicine according to the treatment. Do not stop the medicine when the symptoms are relieved, otherwise it will relapse.

3. Try to avoid sedentary and reduce the opportunity to wet the pussy.

4. Drink plenty of water, which can not only supplement the water needed by our body, but also forced ourselves to go to the toilet, increase exercise, and avoid the increase in local temperature.

5. Standardized the rules of the work and rest, avoid endocrine disorders.

6. Eat less spicy and irritating food.

Regarding the question of whether it can be used to use solution

Never be fooled by those advertisements that are "washed healthier".

Because on the one hand, women’s private parts have a self -cleaning system, and in most cases, they can maintain the health and cleanliness of their private parts.

On the other hand, the use of private nursing liquids in pregnant women will have a certain harm to the fetus and themselves.In the process of rinse, the various chemical components contained in the nursing solution are easily entered into women’s vagina. If it is improper or wrong, it is easy to cause threatened abortion or premature birth.

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