Pregnant mothers are suspicious and have a B -ultrasound once a week, causing their children to be deformed.

With the development of science and technology, the B -ultrasound has become one of the essential inspection items for pregnant women’s maternity examinations.B -ultrasound can understand the development of the fetus in time, help doctors to discover complications during pregnancy, and ensure the safety of maternal and infants.However, excessive B -ultrasound may also have a adverse effect on pregnant women and fetuses.According to research, excessive B -ultrasound will increase risk of abortion, premature birth, and premature placenta in pregnant women, and will also have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should moderately control the number of B -ultrasound and follow the doctor’s advice to check.At the same time, pregnant women should also pay attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promote the healthy development of the fetus.

Xiao Zhang is a prospective mother who is very worried about her baby’s health. She often goes to the hospital for a B -ultrasound after pregnancy. Every time she checks, she will worry about whether her baby is healthy, so she will go to the hospital every week to do a B -ultrasound. Even if the doctor saidThe baby is very healthy, she will still worry about it, and feels that she doesn’t do enough.However, she didn’t know that doing so is actually not good for the baby.

Xiao Zhang’s baby was finally born, but during the examination, he found that there were some problems with the baby’s spine. The doctor told her that it might be caused by too much B -ultrasound during pregnancy.Xiao Zhang regretted it because she just wanted to confirm the health of the baby, but did not expect to bring bad results to the baby.The husband was very angry when he learned that the child’s deformity was very angry, and he would divorce on the spot.

Xiao Zhang’s encounter is not alone, and other expectant mothers often go to the hospital for B -ultrasound, and even go every day.These expectant mothers think that this can make them more secure, but they don’t know that this is not good.

Although the B -ultrasound will not produce ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation, it will release ultrasound energy to the fetus. If pregnant women frequently do B -ultrasound, they will have an impact on the fetus.These impact include problems such as fetal deformity and poor development.Moreover, too much number of B -ultrasound examinations for pregnant women will also affect their physical health, such as increasing risk of abortion.

Xiao Zhang regrets her behavior very much. She feels that she is too worried and nervous, causing the frequency of B -ultrasound during pregnancy.She deeply realized that although it is necessary to do a B -ultrasound during pregnancy, it also needs to be restrained and noticed.

Through the story, Mother Tangyuan has something to say that according to Xiaohong’s misfortune, we have to learn lessons from it. In order to let other expectant mothers not make the same mistakes, Mom Tang Yuan also gives you some suggestions for your mother.

1. Understand the frequency of B -ultrasound

During pregnancy, doctors are recommended to do the number and time of B -ultrasound based on the physical condition of the pregnancy and pregnant women.Generally speaking, it is enough to do a B -ultrasound once a month in the early stages of pregnancy.If pregnant women have high risk factors, the number of B -ultrasound needs to be increased.In the third trimester, it is generally recommended not to do a B -ultrasound, because the growth of the fetus can be judged by a chestnut at this time.

2. Choose a regular hospital and doctor

When pregnant women choose hospitals and doctors who do B -ultrasound, they must choose regular medical institutions and qualified doctors to ensure the quality and safety of B -ultrasound examination.

3. Pay attention to the time and method of B -ultrasound check

The time and methods of B -ultrasound also need to pay attention to.Pregnant women are best to perform B -ultrasound after 8 weeks of pregnancy, so that the fetus can be seen more clearly.In addition, pregnant women should abide by the doctor’s instructions when doing B -ultrasound, and try to avoid repeated examinations and long -term examinations as much as possible.

Fourth, maintain a healthy way of life

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also an important measure to prevent fetal physical development.Pregnant women should eat reasonably, exercise appropriately, and avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

At the end of the article, Mother Tangyuan has to say a few words. Pregnant women should pay attention to the frequency and security of B -ultrasound during pregnancy, choose regular hospitals and doctors, pay attention to the time and methods of B -ultrasound, maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Guarantee the health of the fetus.At the same time, pregnant women must also maintain a happy mood, avoid excessive nervousness and worry, and allow themselves and their babies to grow up healthily.I am the mother of dumplings. If you like my article, please like it at the end of the article!

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