Pregnant mothers are stared at by hypertension for pregnancy. What should I do?These tricks can deal with its appearance

In the last issue, we all learned how the guy of pregnancy hypertension was troublesome. At this time, many pregnant mothers should be scared.

So what should be good if it is really staged by hypertension?

In the first trick, pregnant mothers have to sleep well and rest.Do you feel so simple? The correct posture of sleeping is to lie on the left side.Because the uterus of the pregnant mother grows on the right side of her belly, when the left side is sleeping, the uterus will not compress the blood vessels of the pregnant mother. At this time, the blood vessels are unobstructed.It’s right.

Pay attention to the time of sleep. After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the hormone in her body will constantly change when they see the fetus. At this time, metabolism will be accelerated, and the consumption of calories will be accelerated. In the final analysis, it is the pregnant mother’s body.All organs have increased the intensity of work. If there is not enough rest, there will be problems. Stay up late to chase the drama or something, all of which are far away. The pregnant mother must ensure that there is 10 hours of sleep.

In the second trick, pregnant mothers should keep their mood, as bright as flowers.Mood, this thing is really invisible and can’t be touched, but the ability is still very large, which can affect the work efficiency of various organs of the pregnant mother.

The pregnant mother is happy, happy and other emotions. This is what the blood vessels like. At this time, the blood vessels will relax and relax, and the blood pressure will be stable; the pregnant mother is sad and irritable.The contraction and the blood pressure rose, so pregnant mothers can do more things they like. After eating, take a walk with her husband, chat, talk, etc., and let their hearts out of haze in time.For the health of their children, the pregnant mother must be happy and smile.

In the third trick, pregnant mothers have to eat well. This is very simple for pregnant mothers who love to eat. They are either eating or on the way to eat.The meaning of eating well here is not to say that eating more or all kinds of supplements, or a balanced nutrition, appropriate amount, and follow the standard of three highs and one low.

Three high schools are high, which is high calcium.For the special effect of calcium, I also said in the last issue, you can look back.

Three high schools are high, which is high potassium.The role of potassium is dilated blood vessels, which can maintain the stability of blood pressure levels, usually contained in bananas, grapes, spinach, etc.

Three high schools are high, which is high protein.The emergence of hypertension in pregnancy, some proteins in the body of the pregnant mother are taken away by urine. This will have a lack of protein, so it is necessary to add more, usually eggs, fish and shrimp, milk, etc.

The last low is low sodium.Pregnant mothers need to eat less heavy food when they are pregnant.Due to the high salt content of food, at this time, it will stay in the kidneys of the pregnant mother and have no extra forces to discharge, which will cause blood vessels to shrink, and the blood pressure will rise.

In the fourth trick, pregnant women should check regularly.Do n’t be lazy, do n’t care, especially when the pregnant mother is 5 months early, the blood pressure is easy to make trouble, and it will rise rising, so the pregnant mother itself has abnormal blood pressure.Measters at home.Also remember that regular production tests are required to monitor the problem of changes in blood pressure. When the blood pressure is high, it can be detected by proteinuria index to assist the doctor’s judgment.

Speaking of which, I also hope that all pregnant mothers can spend their pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child well.

“””Pregnant woman””hypertension”

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