Pregnant mothers are eating, and the fetus is also eating?

In October, the fetus increased in the prospective mother’s belly day by day, and the pregnant woman gradually felt the activity of the fetus in the belly.The fetus’s movement is always affected by the mother’s heart, and the expectant mother is also curious. What kind of behavior will the fetus in the stomach do at the same time when they do what they do.What are you doing?Are you also eating?

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I used to think that my mother’s meal time with the fetus was synchronized. Since I was pregnant, I knew that the baby in the belly was sleeping most of the time, so I felt that the baby should be sleeping when the mother was eating.


When I was pregnant with my son, I could feel the fetal movement after 5 months. He was a lively little boy. Sometimes I was eating. He would move in the belly and like to kick my belly.It’s so cute, maybe he also smells delicious, and he wants to eat.

1. Sleep and eat

The time of the baby in the mother’s belly is mostly sleeping, because they are too small at this time, and there is no extra things that can be done. Except for sleeping, waking up is to play and eat.Eating is an important part of the baby that can grow up day by day. They drive themselves to develop and grow up by absorbing the nutrition of umbilical cord transmission.The umbilical cord is a bond that conveys the nutrition of the mother and the fetus. The mother passes her inhaled nutrients to the fetus through this thin umbilical cord to admit the development of the fetus.Therefore, when pregnant women are eating, the child may be sleeping or waking up to absorb the nutrition "meals" passed by the outside mother.

2. Laugh happily

When the fetus is laughing, everyone will feel amazing, but this is true.Because during the process of eating pregnant women, the blood glucose level in the body will rise, which will speed up blood circulation. Affected by these two factors, the fetus will become more excited, as if feeling the deliciousness of the meals.They will feel happy and happy, and even grin.This is why pregnant mothers always feel obvious fetal movement after meals. The fetus is telling you that they have had a happy feeling with their actions.

3. Taste the taste of food

The taste buds of the fetus are also very sensitive. After 3 months of pregnancy, the taste buds of the fetus will begin to form gradually, and the fetus can gradually feel the difference in taste.By the time of seven months of pregnancy, the taste of the fetus has reached the normal level, so when the mothers eat, the fetus in the belly will taste the taste of the meal. When they encounter delicious things, they will be careful about it.If it is delicious, it will be expressed.These subtle motion pregnant mothers can’t feel it, but they really exist. Do you feel that the fetus has been a gourmet since he was a child?

4. Exercise

Every time my mother eats, she finds that her belly movement is particularly obvious. That is because the baby in the belly is also full. After the meal exercise, they reached out and played, kicking their legs and lazily to express the pleasure of eating.When you play enough, you will find that your belly is quiet again, that is, the fetus has to sleep after digestion food, but this situation varies from person to person. Some babies will be more lively, and some babies will be more embarrassed.

The fetus originally had such a rich expression and movement in the mother’s belly, especially in the process of eating, will such a cute movement and expression make the expectant mothers look forward to the babies coming to her early?

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