Pregnant mothers always pant?Those who come here use these methods to easily solve the problem

Yuyu has been pregnant for 5 months. Recently, it has always appeared in the phenomenon of shortness. The walking time is slightly breathable. It is also difficult to climb the stairs to climb a few steps. I have to stop immediately and I feel that my breathing can be stable.In fact, many pregnant mothers will encounter this situation during pregnancy. What causes the pregnant mother to breathe well?How to adjust will be better?Let’s take a look today.

1. Physiological reasons

1. The growth of the fetus

With the continuous development of the fetus, the body shape will become larger and larger, and it will slowly occupy more space in the mother’s uterus. When the uterus becomes larger, it will inevitably squeeze the space of the lungs, which will cause the mother’s breathing to become difficult to get up.Essence

2. The physical condition of the pregnant mother

Some mothers are fatter after pregnancy, and in this case, they will be a little short because of the bulky figure.Other mothers are not good enough, and there is a small life in the body to consume physical strength, so it is easy to breathe smoothly.

3. Pregnant mothers lack nutrition

Regardless of the physical fitness before pregnancy, the supplement to strengthening multiple nutrients during pregnancy is very important for each pregnant mother.Because the growth of the fetus requires a lot of nutrition, if the pregnant mother lacks the fetus and the nutrition they need, it will also cause the body to have asthma due to anemia and other reasons.

Second, the hazards of asthma

If the pregnant mother appears for a long time, this will affect the normal breathing of the fetus. At this time, it can be relieved with deep breathing or other methods. If the symptoms are not alleviated, the pregnant mother remembers to ask the doctor in time to help.In order to better protect the health of yourself and the fetus.

Third, relief method

1. Deep breathing

When the pregnant mother breathes, do not rush to exhale in a hurry, but should focus on each breathing of her, try to take deep breath and exhale.Sending more oxygen to the body in a regular deep breathing state, this will effectively alleviate the current body discomfort.

2. Environmental selection

Pregnant mothers try to take time every day to go to a place with more fresh air, such as parks, or gardens in the community, there are more green plants such as green plants. The sufficient fresh oxygen also helps the mother’s breathing condition.

3. Relax

For pregnant mothers who are asthma during pregnancy, in addition to physical adjustments, mental adjustment is also critical.At this time, mothers should properly relax their mood and take the panting as a small thing that is completely unnecessary. It does not become irritable and emotional because of it.Relax.

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