Pregnant mother can’t afford to hurt the scrubbing, the causes and countermeasures of the cramps during the treatment of the five moves, and quickly relieve the cramps

In the village, because I was studying medicine, I used to ask me if I had any questions when I was pregnant. They asked me more or not do some expensive checkups?What to do with constipation?And what should I do if I often cramps?What should I do if I have itchy belly?What should I do?

The most asked about these questions is the problem of pregnant feet cramps, because many sister -in -law can’t sleep at night because of cramps, and the countryside has to work in the countryside, and from time to time when working, it is really painful.

Generally, I have to make the cramp’s sister -in -law supplement calcium. If you make up 500 milligrams a day, high -content calcium can relax the mother’s muscles and nerves.But some sister -in -law’s calcium supplementation is not good, so I teach them other methods.

1. Insufficient calcium

Foods with high calcium content are milk, soy milk, and sesame sauce, peanut butter, and small shrimp.However, we Chinese do not have the habit of drinking milk or soy milk every day, so they eat less high calcium foods. The relative needs of each day are insufficient.

The amount of calcium in adults is 800 mg per day, but from the perspective of the Chinese eating habits, the consumption of calcium a day is generally about 500 mg, and there is a gap of 300 mg every day. Our body has always been in low calciumIn normal operation.

When you are not pregnant, you are reluctant. Once you are pregnant, you can easily lose nutrition due to vomiting in the early pregnancy. In addition, the amount of calcium in the second trimester increases the amount of calcium to 1000 mg.

At this time, the body where the low calcium runs will have problems.

Pregnant mothers need calcium daily activities.

The development of the fetus’s bone teeth requires calcium.

At this time, the symptoms of lack of calcium appeared.The most common symptoms are nerve excitement, so they will not sleep well at night, irritability, and excitement at the neuromuscular connector. When an excitement is cramps.


Make up 500 mg of calcium a day to ensure the intake of 1000 mg of calcium a day.For example, 500 ml of milk or calcium tablets a day.

Second, fatigue

Many women are not very exercise, and they feel tired at a moment. When I am pregnant, I really feel tired to walk these mothers. I didn’t like sports. The neuromuscular connections were not flexible, so it is easy to be excited and excessive.EssenceJust like our office workers, they are usually tired at work, and they are excited as soon as they get on vacation.

I have a friend who rarely exercise. One day, because I ran a kilometer for one or two kilometers, I found that the muscles of the calves were painful at night, and excessive exercise would cause leg fatigue.Multi-acid metabolic substances-lactic acid, lactic acid can easily stimulate muscle cramps.

Because pregnant mothers have grown rapidly, their bodies will be relatively large, so as long as they walk too much during the day, they will easily induce cramps.


Pay attention to controlling weight. The higher the weight of the body, the heavier the body.

Pay attention to the correct sitting, walking, standing posture, usually practicing yoga or swimming can reduce the incidence of problems during pregnancy.

After sitting for a long time, I took a long break.The combination of labor and rest.

Third, eat too much meat

There is a kind of weight loss and only eating meat and not eating. In fact, this way of weight loss has a bad impact on the body.It is mainly because the meat is mainly provided with protein. If there are more protein in the body than the carbohydrate (mainly nutrients converted into a nutrient), the body is all energy supply.

This can easily cause electrolyte chaos, increase lactic acid, and induce cramps.


Eat seven or two meats (including fish, meat, eggs, seafood) every day, and pay attention to eating rice noodles.

Fourth, too little sleep

Sleep too much

Some pregnant women do nothing after pregnancy, eat more every day, eat more meat and sleep more, the blood circulation becomes slow, the metabolic waste accumulates in the body, and then cause cramps.

Too little sleep

When you can’t sleep well, you will be irritable, and excitement causes cramps.


According to my previous habits, it is enough to sleep for 7-9 hours a day.

Five, improper sleeping position

The doctor said that it is recommended that the left side is lying on the left. Many mothers sleep on the left side strictly all night, and the side is quite standard.Sleep 90 degrees on the side.As a result, the baby’s baby was quite comfortable.But pregnant mothers are quite uncomfortable.I often wake up by myself asleep and fall asleep.Frequently pressing a leg, causing cramps.

There are three main points for mothers’ sleeping positions:

1. The side sleep is 45 degrees, no need to reach 90 degrees.

2. You can buy a pregnant woman sleeping pillow, or prepare two pillows, put it under the front belly, and pad the back.

3. If you are tired for a long time on the left, you can also get it on the right side.

4. Cold climate

Pregnant women are important, and pregnant women’s calf muscles are prone to cold, and cold can cause spasm in the leg muscles.


Keeping warm work must be done in place.

The above five aspects are done well, and general cramps can be relieved.

And if you do n’t do it all at once, there will still be cramps, whether or not we can do this when pregnant women cramps.

1. Sitting or lying, your toes straighten to your face.Tighten your legs, straighten your legs as much as possible, and relax the tense calf muscles.

2. Massage your calves and belly after removing it yourself to relax your muscles.

3. Usually you can use warm water to soak your feet at night, which can relax.

Pregnancy is the sweet burden of the mother, protecting the burden on this burden, and the sweetness is aggravated.

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