Pregnant because I was too hungry to eat, I was scolded by my mother -in -law and did not educate

I was a little girl who got married. My father left me and my mother because of accidents.My husband is working at a state -owned enterprise company, and it is also an executive of that company.In fact, when we got along with each other at first, I was still disgusted with this relationship. After all, my husband was an executive, and I was just an ordinary staff.

When my husband began to chase me, I always refused my husband, because in my opinion, if the two of us were targeted, many people would definitely point out behind us.To be honest, my husband is really a set of women chasing women. From the original dislike to the present consent, it has only been spent in the morning for half a year.I was also moved by this persistence of my husband, so I accepted the pursuit of my husband.

Just when we just got along, we got married due to our age.The two of us are also naked in marriage. After all, the two of us are direct certificates, and there are no banquets, and asking him to ask him for a gift.The husband’s family was almost the same as my family. It was just that the husband’s mother died a long time ago. The husband’s father also found a stepmother for her husband.The stepmother didn’t know what happened. She liked to find things all day. When the husband first led me home, the stepmother used various methods to find her husband.For this rude behavior of the stepmother, my husband just told me secretly, just ignore her.If he provoked me, he would definitely not bear it, and also told me that if his stepmother was looking for him in front of me, don’t pay back.

I am usually a good girl at home, and I do n’t dare to forget my husband.In this way, in a blink of an eye, I became pregnant.When I was pregnant, the amount of rice was not very large, and I often felt hungry.But just eight months pregnant, I always felt somehow hungry.On one occasion, some relatives came to the family, so my stepmother and I had prepared food early.It was already time to eat, but the cousin’s child has been crying there, so the family has been coaxing him, so I have never eaten.My father -in -law and a few uncle stood there when I saw me straight, and let me eat first.In fact, I also know that if they didn’t sit down, I would definitely be wrong if I ate first, so I waited for a while.

But a long time passed, and almost all the dishes were cold, and no one sat there to eat.I was pregnant at first, and I felt hungry when I cook, but for polite reasons, I haven’t eaten it.But just when I wanted to pick up some dry rice, my stepmother stared at me straight, saying that I was not educated.I didn’t plan to eat vegetables at first. I just wanted to eat a dry rice first. If it was the stepmother, it instantly made me a little overwhelmed.After all, he is also my elder. I didn’t go back, but put the bowl back.After seeing this scene, her husband couldn’t sit still.

So the husband stared at the stepmother and said loudly, the Zhang family eats, what you Li family says, and you will go out when you say you say.When the husband said this, his tone was obviously heavy. In addition, the husband had been staring at his stepmother, and his stepmother also covered, because the stepmother never thought that the husband would return to her.Although this is a small thing, it is very warm for me, but the stepmother who was stunned seemed a little awkward.

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