Pregnancy supports "broken" belly?What is the reason


In October, the baby grew up quietly in her mother’s belly, to the end of the uterus, and the organs in the abdominal cavity were severely squeezed.Some babies are too big in the later period, and pregnant mommy feels that her belly is almost broken.Can pregnancy be "broken" belly?In the general surgery department of the Fifth Hospital of Guangyi, the doctor had such a special case -a woman was cracked by a woman’s abdominal wall and opened a large mouth.Merge and repair the abdominal wall.

The doctor said that in fact, during the pregnancy and during delivery, as the uterus was enlarged, part of the elastic fiber of the abdominal wall was cracked, and the rectus abdominis was separated by different degrees of rectus muscles.However, it is true that the small intestine can protrude from the abdominal wall cracks, similar to the "broken" belly that people often say, forming white linenia, and only a thin layer of skin is wrapped in the outside.

After half a year after giving birth, the belly rises in the small intestine due to the abdominal wall

Ms. Hu, who is thin, has a cesarean section of more than 7 pounds last year.After giving birth to a big change, after half a year, the belly was "confiscated", and even bulging again.The family doubted whether she had "having it again", but at the hospital for examination, the results showed that she was not pregnant, and the wound had returned to normal long ago.

Is it a lack of exercise postpartum?For this reason, she pays more attention to her daily diet and exercise, but she still looks like she is pregnant for several months.what happened?Ms. Hu went to the Fifth Hospital of Guangyi for further inspection.I do n’t know if you do n’t check it, a check -of -the doctor found that her abdominal wall (middle line) has a crack about 20 cm long and about 8 cm wide.The skin is wrapped.

"It is really rare to have white hernias like such a large abdominal wall!" Ye Xiaoyong, deputy chief physician outside the district of the Fifth Hospital of Guangyi, frankly said frankly.The "pregnancy illusion" that Ms. Hu’s belly was bulging after giving birth finally found the reason.

Overmoring Maternal abdominal rectus muscles are separated by most of the mild birth and recovery

Pregnancy supports "broken" belly?It sounds unbelievable. It is actually a popular saying that the abdominal rectus is enlarged as the uterus is enlarged, stretched, and even separated. Although it is not rigorous, it is more vivid.

Where is the rectus muscle?It is the abdominal muscles that many people are going to practice.Everyone’s abdomen has a pair of rectus muscles. The two muscles on the left and right are divided into several large pieces of the tissue that are connected and fixed.In October, the stomach of the expectant mother became a slow process. In the process, the abdominal straight muscle uterus continued to increase, the abdomen gradually bulged, and the abdominal rectus was pulled to the left and right sides.When the limits and elastic fibers of the abdominal muscles are pulled, the elastic fiber is broken, the abdominal white line is pulled off, and the rectus muscles will be separated to varying degrees.

Studies have pointed out that whether it is cesarean or vaginal delivery, on the third day of postpartum testing, about 60%to 70%of women have different degrees of rectus abdominis, and gradually recover within 4 to 8 weeks after delivery.Some women have excessive abdominal muscles during pregnancy, and 30%still fail to recover one month after delivery.

The separation of the rectus muscles causes a "weak link" in the middle of the abdomen, and the depression may appear under the pressure of the hand. In severe cases, in the weakest place, the tissue in the abdominal cavity swells, forming a different degree of "big belly".When the internal pressure increases, the small intestine enters the gap in the white line of the abdomen to form white line hernia.Just like Ms. Hu, even after giving birth to a child, her belly is still bulging, and surgery is required.

Handle a huge polyphon is more likely to cause rectus muscles to separate

Pre -pregnancy body is thin, the abdomen is large during pregnancy, and more than two cesarean sections, or pregnant women who are pregnant with huge children, twins, and excessive amniotic fluid.Cause rectus abdominis.

Generally speaking, mild abdominal rectus separation can gradually heal through moderate exercise. Maternal can perform improvement training under the guidance of a doctor.For example, daily exercises should be appropriately stood, kneeling, or lifting legs, or raising legs to strengthen abdominal muscle exercise appropriately.When the body is restored to the right time, you can also improve the abdominal muscle separation by swimming, etc. to help exercise abdominal muscles.

Severe abdominal rectus isolation can cause significant changes in the maternal body, which is significantly thicker than the waist circumference before childbirth, and abdominal obesity occurs.Like Ms. Hu, if restored treatment is not performed, it is difficult to return to the original state by her own conditions.Some women are accompanied by back pain and even the internal organs. They affect physical and mental health and need surgery.According to Lu Huizheng, general physician of the General Surgery of the Fifth Hospital of Guangyi, the key point of this operation is to solve the separation, so that the separated abdominal rectus muscles are closer to and reset.There are huge white line hernias like Ms. Hu. In addition to surgically suture white line defects, special supplementary films must also be repaired to reinforce the abdominal wall.After surgery, Ms. Hu quickly recovered.

Text/Guangzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Weng Shuxian Correspondent Yuan Xiaopeng and Xiao Ying

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