Pregnancy = Short hair?Do you want to cut your hair short during pregnancy?Doctors will suggest this

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Women and children should be the most important thing for a lifetime.In order to have a healthy baby, many pregnant women are very careful during pregnancy.Afraid of being a little careless, it will affect the baby in the stomach.Xiao Luo is one of them.

Xiao Luo, who has been pregnant for more than three months, has been worried recently.Because he had long hair before pregnancy, after pregnancy, Xiao Luo found that the hair was longer and faster because of the impact of hormones in the body, and it was very dense and bright.

But Xiao Ronaldo was not happy, because with the growth of pregnancy, he was also getting more and more strenuous by taking care of his hair. Xiao Luo thought about cutting his hair short, so that he was easier and easier after giving birth.

However, her mother -in -law knew that Xiao Luo was about to cut her hair and immediately objected. When she said, "I can’t cut my hair during pregnancy, I will lose my baby’s blessing."

Xiao Ronaldo does not understand. Do you say that he is too fast during pregnancy, will he grab nutrition with your baby?Why don’t my mother -in -law not let my hair cut?

In life, many women, like Ronaldo, have long hair before pregnancy, and they are very beautiful, but after pregnancy, many women will not take care of it, or worry about hairdressing and fetal nutrition.Cut love cutting his long hair.

In some places, the traditional customs are "pregnant women cannot cut their hair", otherwise it is easy to move tire gas and cause abortion.According to today’s perspective, the hair of cutting hair is not directly related to the health of the fetus.

Presumably the elderly will have such a speech. It is also worried that in the process of cutting hair, blowing dry hair with hair dryers will cause radiation and worry about affecting the development of the fetus. Therefore, there will be such a speech to reduce the frequency of pregnant women to the barber shop.

In addition, it is not necessary to choose to cut short hair because you are worried about your hair and fetus to grab nutrition.

The growth of the hair is not controlled by artificial control. Cutting the hair short will not reduce the nutritional consumption of hair growth, and retention of hair will not increase the nutritional needs of the head. ThereforeOK.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the long hair of expectant mothers does not develop nutrition with the fetus, and it is not necessary to cut the hair short during pregnancy.

For the problem of cutting hair during pregnancy, if you ask your doctor, doctors usually recommend cutting short during pregnancy, mainly because of the following three points.

1) Convenient to take care

The difficulty of long hair and short hair is definitely not a level, especially when washing hair, long hair needs to be cleaned longer. After washing, it also needs to be dried with a hair dryer.

With the increase of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body is getting more and more bulky, and it will look much more energetic. If you keep long hair and often clean it, it is a more troublesome thing.

Short hair can save a lot of things, which is more suitable for mothers during pregnancy.

2) Avoid accidents

Pregnant women have a big belly, and they have been inconvenient to move. Coupled with long hair, accidents are prone to accidents.Think of hair when I think of getting bed.

During the postpartum confinement, the long hair is more difficult to dry and dry after washing, it is easy to catch a cold. It is a taboo during the confinement period, and it will even leave a long sequelae for the body.

3) Easy to take care of the baby

After the baby is born, it will become very active after developing to a certain stage, and even curious about everything around him, and likes to grab it with your hands.

If the mother has long hair, it is easy to be caught by the baby as a toy.

Written at the end:

To sum up: Pregnant women can cut their hair during pregnancy, cutting her hair does not cause fetal abortion, and it will not cause nutritional loss.

In short, it is good to cut your hair short during pregnancy, but if the pregnant woman does not want to cut it, she can also follow her own wishes.

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