Pregnancy series


The reason why I wrote this pregnancy series is because I have experienced a lot of things throughout the pregnancy, all kinds of sour and sweet, or all kinds of confusion, and there are all kinds of joy.People who have given these articles give some experience and suggestions.

I think it is too tired for a cold.On New Year’s Day in 2017, the girl was going to Hangzhou to see her cousin regardless of her pregnancy.So I drove and didn’t eat well in the middle. The hotel found on New Year’s Day, a group of people next door was playing with PARTY, which caused the girl to sleep well at all.After returning to Shanghai the next day, it was a bit wrong.The girl went to work the next day, and the state was poor after returning.

At first it was a slight cough and spit.Then it became more and more serious, especially at night, coughing every few minutes, and the girl couldn’t sleep at all.At the beginning, the girl vomited white sputum, and later turned into a very strong yellow sputum.

So I asked my dad, my dad thought that he could take some medicine, and it would be good soon.But the girl and mother resolutely disagree.Drinking boiling water every day has no effect. It is still coughing every night, and it is slightly better during the day.

I ca n’t solve the boiling water, and then eat pear again, but it has no effect.Every night, the girl coughs and can’t sleep, and I always look around, very distressed.And the girl is very worried that she has been coughing if she has been coughing.

Because I did n’t sleep almost all night, I decided to go to the district comprehensive hospital at four in the morning.After arriving at the hospital, the internal medicine doctors did not dare to prescribe medicine as soon as they heard that they were pregnant.It is recommended to drink boiled water.Or he said that he would have to hang water, and said that the impact of hanging water on pregnant women was the smallest.At the same time, I looked at the production department and listened to the fetal heart. There was no problem.

We were unwilling to hang water, so we returned home and went to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital along the way, but they did not look at the internal medicine, listened to the baby’s heart, and gave the girl a serious warning that the cough was possible to cause the fetal membrane to break.A scared girl can’t.

Cough a little bit during the day.But at night, the cough was so powerful. In order not to affect the baby, the girl held her hands and hold her uterus with both hands and try to cough.However, I didn’t sleep for another night.At four in the morning, the girl couldn’t bear it anymore and said she had to go to the hospital.

So I went to the General Hospital again, and the internal medicine doctor still suggested that we do not take medicine, and then let us decide whether to hang water.At the same time, I went to the obstetrics. The doctor of this obstetrics told the girl that there are many amniotic fluid in the uterus to protect the baby. Don’t worry, your cough will not have a bad impact on your baby.After coming out of the obstetrics, the girl is much easier.We sit in the hospital seat and discuss, and finally don’t hang water.But go to the District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to see if you take it for Chinese medicine.

I arrived at the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine around 6 am, and there was a special Chinese medicine hall.Several aunts are in line.Registered at 7:30, and we ranked around the tenth.

Finally, the doctor opened the clinic at 8:30, it seemed to be a chief physician.As soon as we entered, we first said that his wife was pregnant, and the cough was very powerful.Before I finished speaking, the chief physician turned his face directly, saying that we did not look at pregnant women. You go to other places to see, you go out quickly.I listened to the fire hats, but considering the girl beside him, I asked for a low voice and helped to see that the cough was really serious.That chief physician louder, you go out quickly, I don’t look at pregnant women.EssenceI’m furious.But there is no way, we exit.Then I looked for the little girl at the front desk and asked other doctors to see it, but they were still treated the same.

This group of doctors is too bad. You are afraid that you will not dare to prescribe medicine for pregnant women, but do you have such a bad attitude?Do you not recommend it from other aspects?It is much worse than the doctors of the General Hospital, and they will also let us eat cream.These birds.Essence

But the disease was still not good. After returning, I saw that the sputum of the girl coughing was very yellow. She thought she should be on fire, so she tormented the Houttuynia grass for her and drank it while it was hot.A little effective, the girl could sleep that night.After drinking for a few consecutive days, the girl and mother said that this would affect the kidneys, and the girl didn’t dare to drink it.

I called with my dad several times. My dad was helpless. The girl and mother would not let the medicine, let me buy a cream or double Huanglian.

Go to buy loquat cream first, but it is a snake gallbladder cream.Go to buy Shuanghuanglian again.

After taking the double Huanglian drug, the girl was much better.And I have been asking for leave in the middle, I did n’t go to work, and I had a good rest, so I did n’t cough slowly at night, and I could sleep peacefully.


1, pregnant women must not be too tired.Tired and rest in time.

2. Little colds and the like, still have to drink hot water, and drink hot water, it is still effective.

3. The effect of pear is not very good.The double Huanglian drug is effective, and it is a pure Chinese medicine, which has a small impact on pregnant women.

4. Some doctors in the district traditional Chinese medicine hospital are too disgusting and have no medical ethics.

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