Pregnancy makes women gain weight?What should I pay attention to after giving birth to lose weight?

Many women will become fat after pregnancy. Of course, some pregnant women have a good body. This depends on the physique of pregnant women and the conditioning during pregnancy. What should I do if pregnancy allows women to gain weight?What should I pay attention to after giving birth to lose weight?Women must pay attention to choosing the correct method when they lose weight after childbirth, and don’t die too much.

1. Should not lose weight during confinement

After the production of women, the body is in the weakest state and needs to be fully recovered. At the same time, frequent breastfeeding and hard -working childcare should be consumed during confinement. ThereforeTrying to lose weight to restore the body shape, which will severely hurt the body.However, it should also be noted that during the confinement period, it is not possible to enjoy too much high -fat and high -heating nourishing products, which will also increase the burden of losing weight in the future.

2. Don’t diet to lose weight

During pregnancy, mothers will eat a lot of food for supplement.After fertility, some mothers will think about losing weight quickly by dieting.However, the maternal body has not returned to the level of pregnancy and should also ensure the supply of nutrition.Diet can hurt the mother’s weak bodies.

3. Don’t exercise prematurely

Within 2 months after giving birth, the body is relatively weak and it is not suitable to do exercise.When the childbirth is 2 months and the body is recovered, the mothers can start with low strength movement and do some exercise step by step.Six months after giving birth, the intensity of exercise can be increased.

4. Don’t eat too "tonic"

After giving birth, the mothers exhaust their "vitality", and the family will use various foods to make up for their mothers and work hard to work.However, eating too much will make the mothers gain weight.Therefore, mothers have to recognize food calories after delivery and choose low -calorie foods.

5. Don’t stop taking obesity seriously

Many people think that gaining weight after childbirth is a matter of course, and they will not take obese to heart.If you indulge your body like this, you have no motivation to lose weight, and your good figure will be further step away.

6. The abdomen should not be too tight

Abdominal obesity is a prominent problem for postpartum fat.Maternal can use abdomen bands early after childbirth.Because the postpartum maternal belly is relatively loose. Whenever the amount of activity is large, the extension of the gourd in the body will make people feel very uncomfortable, but you should remember that the abdomen should not be too tight.

7. Keep enough sleep

Sleep is the easiest way to lose weight.However, the birth of a newborn will disturb the mother’s schedule.In order to maintain adequate sleep, it is recommended to share the care of newborns and do not take everything on your own.

The above introduces the content that should be paid attention to after the maternal weight loss after gastrophylology. For maternal women, do not stop losing weight. Be sure to keep sufficient sleep in the process of weight loss. Be careful not to lose weight during confinement. At the same timeDestinating to avoid harm to the body.

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