Pregnancy is never a matter of expectant mothers, and the participation of prospective dad is important.

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"Which woman is not pregnant, why are you so arrogant?"

When I heard this sentence, I couldn’t help but want to come forward to the theory with others.I really want to ask the man who says this sentence, is your heart made by stones?

In his opinion: women are pregnant and righteous, and everyone will experience discomfort during pregnancy, without exception from ancient times.He feels a little confusing and even a big question about his wife’s discomfort during pregnancy.

But true, is this really the case?In this society, there has never been a real feeling.After a woman’s pregnancy, from psychological to physiological changes, it is difficult for a man to be a husband.

What’s more, pregnant and having children are a matter of two people. Why do women to endure torture during pregnancy alone?Looking back, the men who speak these words, they really have to reflect on themselves.

During pregnancy, it is not a mother alone

Throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers bears the burden of conceiving in October.From learning the joy of pregnancy for the first time, to the pain of delivery at the last moment, expectant mothers really experienced countless psychological tests like roller coasters.

The physical pain, the prospective dad really cannot share it, after all, they do not have the ability to give birth.However, they can’t feel indifferent. After all, the babies born are not only their blood inheritance, but also their surnames.

For many expectant mothers who are pregnant for their first pregnancy, the prospective dad is their backbone.Pregnancy will make expectant mothers start fear and irritability, and many things need to give them the strength.

There is a matter of prenatal education. The baby is used to "dependence on each other" with her mother, and is extremely familiar with the mother’s voice and taste.At this time, you need to "take advantage of" to inject new power for your baby’s prenatal education work.

In the most difficult pregnancy, qualified prospective dads will also become "masseur".In addition to the usual booing and warmth, you must also massage the swollen legs and feet of the mothers on time.

All in all, in the process of conceiving in October, the responsibility of prospective dad was particularly important.Not only should you pay attention to and love your wife, but also always care about the health of your baby.

During pregnancy, how can the prospective dad play the role better?

1. Do not add to the expectant mother

In life, there are always some prospective dads. After they fall in love and get married, they are completely different faces.When you are in love, try your best to tease your girlfriend; after getting married, you can’t find his wife.During pregnancy, the most afraid of emotional fluctuations is too great, which has a great impact on pregnant women and fetal babies.

Therefore, the prospective father should take care of the emotions of the pregnant mother, and resolutely do not make the other party.Even when pregnant mothers have a bad mood, they are willing to solve, accompany and endure to help pregnant mothers soothe their emotions and let them have a healthier life during pregnancy.

2. Actively bear the burden of life

It is said that the current women are omnipotent. Even if they are pregnant with the six, they still work hard.Imagine: If life permits, who wants to be pregnant, so hard work?The pressure of life has left countless pregnant women without the right to choose.

If so, I hope all the prospective dads can take the initiative to bear the pressure and burden of life.Seriously, raising a baby is very expensive. From pregnancy to production, it needs to be checked and nutritional costs, let alone the birth of the day.While the baby is not born, the prospective dad has worked hard and bear a little more family responsibilities.

3. Make it accompanied by each birth check

If the conditions are allowed, I hope that each prospective dad can accompany the expectant mother for a checkup.For nothing else, I hope that the prospective dad can hear all the news about the baby.Regardless of whether it is good or bad, you can bear it with expectant mothers.

But it is such a simple thing, many prospective dad can’t do it.I would rather play games at home, or go out to eat, drink and play with friends, and do not want to spend time to accompany the mother.Even they also use: the place where the pregnancy is pregnant is women, and it is inconvenient to refuse.

4. Actively studying prenatal education related matters

Regarding the benefits of prenatal education, I wo n’t say more here. I believe the expectant mothers who are already pregnant must know.As a prospective father, if you want to pull into the distance from the baby, and want to make your baby more smart after birth, it is the best time now.

It’s very simple, take the right amount of time every day, and interact with the baby across the belly.You can speak, tell stories, listen to music … In short, as long as you are willing to spend time prenatal education, your baby can feel it.After they are born, the parent -child feelings will not be bad.Taking advantage of the prenatal education time, the prospective dad can also increase the feelings with expectant mothers.

In this era of advocating eugenics, I hope that all prospective dads can bear the responsibility of belonging to themselves.His wife was pregnant, and she had a logistical support for her. She had no troubles and sorrows for ten months, and always maintained an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.

What did the prospective dad do on the road to pregnancy, which made you particularly moved?Welcome to leave a message.

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