Pregnancy is like Tang Seng Xitian to learn from the scriptures.

If you ask a pregnant mother, are you happy to be pregnant?Most pregnant mothers will tell you that they are very happy, but some pregnant mothers will report with embarrassing smiles, which will tell you a bunch of pregnancy discomfort, such as pregnancy in early pregnancy, many foods can not be eaten, punching and kicking in the middle of pregnancy., Edema in the third trimester … Speaking of tears, there are the most unbearable insomnia during pregnancy. It is almost unbearable. You can eat melatonin without pregnancy to help sleep.

But, I’m pregnant!No auxiliary drugs can not be eaten!

Speaking of insomnia during pregnancy, not to mention pregnancy is not pregnant, but also a headache and helplessness, not to mention pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers say that I have no insomnia before, and I only have it after pregnancy. What are the causes of pregnancy during pregnancy?

Generally, pregnant mothers do not have insomnia in early pregnancy, and there are more drowsiness on the contrary.However, there are also a small number of pregnant mothers who have insomnia in the early stages of pregnancy, which is usually caused by the pressure in her heart after changes in progesterone.For example, family contradictions have arisen during pregnancy.

The pregnant mother who is just pregnant will be more sensitive to the mood of pregnancy hormones in the body. It requires the tolerance and understanding of the family, try to maintain family harmony, reduce contradictions, and do not give the pregnant mother too much psychological pressure.If the situation of the pregnant mother has not improved the recommendation with the psychologist, to see where the psychological pressure is.

Some pregnant mothers do not have pregnancy during pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers will have pregnant vomiting during pregnancy, that is, nausea and vomiting.Pregnant mothers have a dietary habit of drinking coffee, tea, and heavy salt before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they may be more sensitive to these foods, resulting in insomnia.

Pregnant mothers who are pregnant in the early pregnancy can eat and drink some light foods and stay away from foods that make them pregnant.For example, you can drink some vegetable soup. You can eat less or not to eat the greasy food. If you are still very serious, you can look at a pregnant woman’s wristband to relieve pregnancy.

Drink less or not to drink tea and coffee before pregnancy. Do not drink it as much as possible. This will make you more serious. If you want to drink, try to choose morning, afternoon and evening, you can supplement nutrition.

Frequent urination, leg cramps, and edema are caused by physiological changes after pregnancy. The frequent urination cannot improve, because 80%of pregnant mothers will have frequent urination during pregnancy and seriously affect sleep quality.This is because the navigation of the baby grows up during pregnancy is oppressed. The only solution can only say that you drink less water before going to bed at night.

Most of the leg cramps were at night. I remember that when I was pregnant, I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the baby dad immediately woke up to help massage the legs and let the hook (so that the leg cramp can be relieved quickly).

However, insomnia caused by these conditions can be soaked before bedtime to reduce the possibility of puffy legs and increase blood circulation. Of course, it is also possible to let the other half help massage.

Pregnant mothers who often sleep on their legs during pregnancy can adjust their sleeping position, sleep on the left side as much as possible, and put a pillow in the middle of the legs, which can relieve the pressure caused by the right rotation of the uterus and reduce back pain.Thickness, under the stomach, reduce the weight of the stomach.

Special reminder: Some pregnant mothers have something to do with insomnia during pregnancy. Do n’t lie on the bed to watch the mobile phone. You will look at it more and more. Of course, you ca n’t sleep., Thus affecting sleep.

It is recommended that you can listen to books before going to bed, or look at books that you are particularly easy to sleep. For example, some people read books that are very easy to sleep, and some people are sleepy when they look at English. You can try it.I fell asleep after a while.Learn knowledge even if you don’t fall asleep.

Insomnia during pregnancy has become a problem of many pregnant mothers. I hope that these methods will help you. Pregnant mothers are pregnant in October during pregnancy, and they will have hard work. I hope that I can reduce some hard work for everyone.It is recommended that pregnant mothers learn more about breeding knowledge during pregnancy and prepare for themselves and their babies.

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